Karaismailoğlu, 'The Share of Railways in Transport Will Increase'

Karaismailoğlu Will Increase the Share of Railways in Transport
Karaismailoğlu, 'The Share of Railways in Transport Will Increase'

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made important statements regarding the agenda at the Transport 2053 Körfez Logistics Workshop. In the workshop attended by the General Manager of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Metin Akbaş: Reducing costs in logistics, green energy, reducing emissions from transportation, transportation investments, logistics centers, integration between transportation modes, autonomous systems, new targets and policies and legal regulations. regulations were discussed. Minister Karaismailoğlu said that they will increase the share of railways in transportation.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Minister Karaismailoğlu underlined that Turkey is on its way to becoming a superpower in the logistics sector. Referring to the importance of the workshop, Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu said, “In our workshop, very critical issues such as transportation investments, the integration of transportation modes in our logistics centers, reducing logistics costs, environmental-friendly energy use and reducing emissions will be discussed. We will discuss the effects of logistics, the most important focus of our transportation and infrastructure policy, on investment, employment, production and exports of our country.” he said.


Karaismailoğlu stated that thanks to the transportation and communication investments they have made since 2003, the country has managed to outperform its competitors in production and exports despite the pandemic and crisis, and in the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index (LPI) in 2023, with the right projects they have produced with the mind of the state; He noted that they will work harder with the goal of being among the top 25 countries by 2053. Emphasizing that while they are building the present in transportation and communication, Minister Karaismailoğlu continued his words as follows: “Today, 10 percent of the world's population lives in urban areas. By 50, this rate will reach 2050 percent. As a result, more than 70 percent of the world economy will be produced in urban areas. It is predicted that between 90-2020, the demand for transportation will double the number of passengers in kilometers. In addition, it is estimated that the world trade volume, which was 2050 billion tons in 2, will increase to 2020 billion tons in 12, 2030 billion tons in 25 and 2050 billion tons in 95. We have renewed all our works and targets in the light of these predictions. The new process we are carrying out in the fields of transportation and communication is an ambitious process focused on holistic development, effective and aiming to integrate the world into our country. Located in the Middle Corridor of the East-West international historical Silk Road, Turkey is at the center of a line stretching from China to London. Since 2100, we have revealed the opportunities of this position with the investment of 150 billion dollars in the transportation and infrastructure of our country. We are planning an additional investment of 2002 billion dollars until 183. In line with our 2053 vision, we will increase our country's share of trade between Asia and Europe, which exceeds 198 billion dollars today.”


Stating that the Middle Corridor line is a very strong alternative to other transportation corridors in terms of distance and time, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “If a freight departing from China to Europe prefers the Middle Corridor and Turkey, it will cover a distance of 7 thousand kilometers. can do it in a day. If the same cargo prefers the Russian Northern Trade Route, it can cross the 12 thousand-kilometer road in at least 10 days. When he travels in the South Corridor, he can travel 20 thousand kilometers over the Suez Canal by ship in only 20 days. In addition, the case of the Ever Given Ship, which blocked the Suez Canal in the South Corridor, will be remembered for a long time. The known risk of war and road safety continues in the Northern Corridor. In any case, it is obvious that no corridor can compete with the Middle Corridor, of which we are the center. Our intention is clear. We will use this potential to the fullest and in the best way for the benefit of our nation. We know the problems faced by our international transport drivers. In particular, we have made an important step towards eliminating the problems in the Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan line. At the Turkey-Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan Foreign and Transport Ministers' Summit held in Baku, we formed a joint working group with Turkey's proposal. Together with Asia-Europe, we are the bridge country for the surplus value produced in the Black Sea Basin to reach the Mediterranean and the world. Due to this position, we will be a regional base in logistics.” said.


Expressing that Turkey should have a logistics base in its own region, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “In order for Turkey to achieve its export target of 2053 trillion dollars in 1, the logistics infrastructure must be completed and it should be a logistics base in its own region in global trade. We are establishing a multimodal system in all modes of transportation while building land, air, rail and sea routes, which are the lifeblood of trade. We put into operation 13,6 separate logistics centers with a total capacity of 13 million tons in order for Turkey to become the logistics base of the region. In addition to these centers, the construction of our Sivas İzmir (Kemalpaşa) and Rize (Iyidere) Logistics Centers continues rapidly. Kayseri (Bogazköprü), Tekirdag (Çerkezköy) Our Logistics Centers are at the tender stage. Bilecik (Bozhöyük) Logistics Center II. Stage work has been completed. Study projects and plans continue in our logistics centers in Mardin, Şırnak (Habur), Istanbul (European Side), İzmir (Çandarlı), Zonguldak (Filyos). As a result of these efforts, we will increase the number of our logistics centers to 26. In addition, we will continue our additional new plans in line with the results of the workshops that we will carry out with a common mind.”


Underlining that the railway network will be increased from 2053 thousand 13 kilometers to 22 thousand 28 kilometers by 590, Minister Karaismailoğlu continued as follows: “Our advanced railway network and road network will feed our ports. We will increase the number of cities with high-speed train connections from 13 to 52. We foresee that the share of railways in transportation will increase over 2029 percent in 11, and 2053 percent in 22. Thus, the share of railways in freight transport will increase 2019 times from 2053 to 7. Again, we aim to increase the share of railways in international freight transportation by 10 times. To express the magnitude of our 2053 vision, the inclusiveness of our investments and future design, we will invest 2053 billion dollars in railway, highway, seaway, airway and communication when we come to 198, at the end of our five-year plans. By 2053, our contribution to the national income will reach 1 trillion dollars, more than 5 times the investment value. kazanwill yell. Our contribution to production is approximately 2 trillion dollars, approximately 10 times the investment value. kazanwill yell. Our contribution to employment will reach 2053 million people in 28 together with our investments. We are fully preparing Turkey for the future with the state's mind, farsightedness and a planned approach. Our roads, like streams, add vitality to the places they pass and go. Each mode of transportation we develop; It becomes the lifeblood of the investment, employment, production and export of the place where it is made. In addition to rehabilitating our transportation systems, which are a catalyst for the logistics sector, we strive to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach in its operation.

We will accelerate our work together with the public-private sector and the NGOs of the sector, according to the targets and work schedules in the Turkey Transport and Logistics Master Plan. In addition to all these, we reduced our emissions by 5 million tons. In addition, thanks to our investments, road safety has increased and we have prevented fatal traffic accidents to a large extent. In this way, an average of 9 citizens survived per year. Thanks to a total investment of 455 billion dollars made in the 2003-2021 period, we contributed 183 billion dollars to national income, 548 trillion 1 billion dollars to production and an average of 138 thousand people per year in employment. However, thanks to the investments made, time and fuel savings and environmental benefits are saved, with an annual average of 994 billion dollars on land, 22,5 billion dollars on railroads, 1,5 billion dollars on seaways, 2 million dollars on airways, 200 billion dollars on communication, 2 billion dollars annually in total. We saved dollars.”

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