'Young Meetings' Exhibition at Taksim Art

Taksim Art Young Meetings Exhibition
'Young Meetings' Exhibition at Taksim Art

Taksim Art brings together a total of 50 works of 100 artists from different styles in the 'Young Meetings' exhibition. Taksim Sanat, the culture and art stop located inside the Taksim Metro, is preparing to host the 'Young Meetings' exhibition, which will feature original works of young artists. 50 artists in the exhibition hosted by KÜLTÜR AŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB); He explains his comments on waste, climate crisis, nature, death, life, greedy, metamorphosis, climate crisis, water, social relations, women and violence from their own perspectives.

In 'Young Meetings', there are a total of 100 works by young artists who have made valuable works in different branches of art. Independent artists, who have not yet had the opportunity to be represented in the gallery, exhibit their works with the support of IMM. The gallery features selections from different branches of art such as painting, new media, sculpture (metal, ceramics, marble, wood), weaving and photography.

The exhibition, which includes free-themed works, can be visited free of charge from 4:18.30 p.m. on July 14 until August XNUMX.

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