Demirağ OIZ, Sivas's Investment Base, Will Offer Job Opportunities to 40 Thousand People

Sivasin Investment Ussu Demirag OSB will offer job opportunities to a thousand people
Sivasin Investment Ussu Demirag OSB will offer job opportunities to a thousand people

Work continues intensively in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, which will be Sivas's new production and employment base.

Following closely the works carried out in the region at every opportunity, Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, STSO President Mustafa Eken and Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Kadir Algin went to Demirağ OIZ to examine the drinking water, sewerage, electricity line and other infrastructure works on site. Demirağ received information from OIZ Director Mustafa Beştepe.

Governor Salih Ayhan and his entourage then examined the GÖK YAPI Wagon Production Factory, which is under construction in a 70 thousand square meter closed and 214 thousand square meter open area, and received information from the factory authorities.

Demirağ OIZ Will Add Value to Sivas

Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin and TSO President Mustafa Eken tightened the first screw of the welding machine assembled at the factory and wished them good luck.

In his statement here, Governor Salih Ayhan stated that there has been a serious progress in Demirağ OIZ and said, “70 percent of the works will be completed in the short term. As new investments continue, new needs will arise. Hopefully, by the end of the year, its infrastructure will be completed to a large extent and we will have an investment-grade OIZ.” said.

No Funding Issues, Everything's Fine

Stating that there was no appropriation problem for the ongoing works in Demirağ OIZ, and all kinds of support were given by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Governor Salih Ayhan noted that the future and ideal of Sivas, Demirağ OIZ will be a production and employment center.

Explaining that the investment foundations were laid while Demirağ OIZ infrastructure works were continuing, Governor Ayhan said that GÖK YAPI company will start production in October.

In Sivas, 'There is faith, there is unity. Our institutions support business people who contribute to production and employment.' Stating that the city continues to develop with his words, Governor Ayhan said, “Our city will become the center of attraction of the region with new investments.” he said.

to the city; Governor Ayhan, who stated that projects were gained in every field and in every sense, from sports to agriculture, from education to culture, from tourism to social projects, said, “I would like to thank our company for the added value it adds to our city.” He used his expressions.

Chairman Bilgin, We Will Continue to Support Business People

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, on the other hand, stated that the works continue in a feverish manner in Demirağ OIZ, which will be a production and employment center and where at least 40 thousand people will be employed. we will give. Sivas is taking firm steps towards the future. Both 1 OIZ and Demirağ OIZ will be the locomotive of not only Sivas but our country.” said.

Better Tomorrows Await President Eken Sivas

Mustafa Eken, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, pointed out that there was misinformation in the public in Sivas, and said that rumors such as delayed work in Demirağ OIZ and sacrificing agricultural lands should not be respected.

President Eken said, “While employment increases, there is a 5% increase in agricultural lands with the opening of treasury lands to agriculture on the other hand. May our farmer rest in peace. If the industry does not develop, unemployment will not end. Of course, we will also develop agriculture and tourism. The more industry diversity, the more employment diversity.” said.

Expressing that they expect good news for Demirağ OIZ, where the works continue uninterruptedly, to be included in the attraction centers program as soon as possible, President Eken said that our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, always attaches special importance to Sivas.

Noting that the unity and solidarity environment provided in Sivas gives strength to business people, President Eken said, “The private sector will continue to bring new facilities to our city. May our fellow citizens rest in peace, unemployment will end in our province. Let's not expect everything from the state. Better tomorrows await our city.” said.

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