YKS Preference Process is as Important as Exam Performance

yks selection process is as important as exam performance
yks selection process is as important as exam performance

After the announcement of the university exam results, the preference marathon, which started on August 5, will end on August 20. Candidates who will make a choice in this year's YKS process need to decide by taking into account many parameters such as the new quotas of the departments, base points, talents, curiosity and budgets. Candidates who have passed the difficult exam process will be able to make healthier choices if they make good use of the additional time given to them.

Ranking should be taken into account instead of points.

Ekrem Elginkan High School teachers and administrators in the "How to Choose a University" organized for the 2020th grade students of the 2021-12 Academic Year and their families.?He shared the issues that should be considered in university preferences in the online meeting on ”. Ekrem Elginkan High School Principal Serap Sarıgül Hazar, 12th Grades Deputy Principal Özgür Erdoğan, YKS Coordinator and Deputy Principal Özlem Türkarslan, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department Teachers Mine İstanbullu and Selda Mutlu attended the meeting with their presentations. Teachers and experts underlined that the order of success should be taken into account, not the score, while ranking the preferences.

prof. Dr. N. Lerzan Özkale: “In developed countries, there is no such exam for joining higher education”

Evaluating the YKS results of Ekrem Elginkan High School 2021 graduates, Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. N. Lerzan Özkale said, “In many countries, which are developed and have the ability to increase resources faster and more than we do, there is no such examination for attending higher education. Our 2021 graduates of Ekrem Elginkan High School have been preparing for this exam with great effort all year for exactly this, and when the results were announced, they received the results of all their studies and efforts with the highest performance. We congratulate all of our students who took the exam, especially our students who made us feel double happiness by achieving significant degrees in numbers, equal weight and foreign language in YKS this year, and we are proud of all of them one by one. Undoubtedly, the contribution of our qualified and dynamic education staff is very high for our students to achieve these good results. The cooperation of our children's families in harmony with our school has a great share in this success. I believe that our graduates will contribute to making Turkey a country that produces more, produces science and technology, and trains more world-class artists and athletes, with the education and equipment they acquire at ITU Development Foundation Schools.”

Ekrem Elginkan High School Principal Serap Sarıgül Hazar: "The psychological resilience of all students who took the exam by overcoming the difficulties created by the pandemic increased"

Ekrem Elginkan High School Principal Serap Sarıgül Hazar: “School Principal Serap Sarıgül Hazar: “When we analyzed the 2021 YKS results and the announced data and compared them with previous years, we saw once again how difficult the exam was this year. I regret to say that one third of the students who took the exam this year did not pass the 180-point threshold. This will be an important determinant in the choices. The psychological resilience of all our students who took this exam by overcoming the difficulties created by the pandemic increased as well as their success in the exam. I think our 2021 graduates are winners of this exam in every way.” said.


Underlining that the choices made by the students during the choice period, which is the most important and final stage of the YKS process, are as important as the exam performance, the guidance teachers made the following suggestions under the title of Correct Preference List Creation Techniques;

  • Keep a positive and motivated attitude to manage your stress during this process.
  • It is important to choose according to the order of success, not according to the score.
  • Remember, ÖSYM does the placement process in order of success, not in order of preference.
  • When creating your preferences, you can arrange your first choices as dreams (above your success rank), then realities (your success rank), and finally life buoys (below your success rank).
  • You can also include different types of points in your list.
  • You can place the newly opened sections in your list according to your request order.
  • You can use as many of the 24 options as you want.
  • Choosing a wide range always increases your chances of getting settled.
  • Do not forget to add the sections below your ranking to your list to increase the likelihood of placement.
  • While making your choices, write the program you want to register the most in your top preference, the program you want less in your second preference and list all your preferences in this way.

yks selection process is as important as exam performance

  • As seen in the table, due to the decrease in the number of students who passed the threshold this year, you can include the programs that are above your ranking on your list without fear.
  • A candidate may only be eligible to enroll in one program, no matter how high their scores are. Options below this will not be processed. It is not possible to change the section for which you have earned the right to register.
  • Do not include the program that you do not intend to continue your education in your preferences.
  • Participate in the promotion programs of universities, meet their academic staff.
  • Do not forget to read the 'SPECIAL CONDITIONS' of the universities and programs you have written in your preference list.
  • When creating the preference list, make sure that the people you consult have knowledge in their field.
  • Among the candidates who write the same program in their 1st and 15th preferences, the one with the higher success rank will be placed within the quota.
  • There is a success order limitation for the following sections. Pay attention to these thresholds when creating your preferences.








  • If you gain the right to enroll in a program as a result of the placement procedures, the coefficient by which your Secondary Education Success Score will be multiplied will be halved when calculating your YKS score for the next year.

Lastly, check your preferences for the following aspects;

  • Do you meet all the entry requirements of the programs on your list, which are shown as “see/conditions” in this guide?
  • Did you write the code to your list right program?
  • Have you double-checked the code and name of the programs you have written on your list?
  • Does the order of the programs in your list really match your request order? For example, if you were to gain entry to your fifth choice, “I wish I had won my sixth choice.” Are you sure you won't? Does this apply to all your choices?

Important informations; 

  • The preference period is between 5-20 August 2021.
  • Preferences, according to the explanations on the OSYM website ais.osym.gov.tr, your choice process will be organized in the presence of our assistant principals and guidance teachers at our school.
  • After completing the preference notification process, changes can be made in the preferences at ais.osym.gov.tr ​​within the "Preference Period".
  • The registration period for universities is between 1 – 7 September 2021.
  • Electronic registrations will be made between 31 August and 5 September 2021.

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