2 Coins Seized at Cilvegözü Customs Gate

Thousand coins were seized at the customs gate
Thousand coins were seized at the customs gate

A total of 308 thousand 2 coins, of which 16 were Hellenistic, 209 thousand 2 were Roman and 533 were Byzantine, were seized by the customs enforcement teams at the Cilvegözü Customs Gate.

A suspected truck was transferred to the x-ray device while the personnel of the Cilvegözü Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate was conducting patrol activities.

The vehicle, which was found to have suspicious density in its tow truck in the X-ray scan, was taken to the hangar for a detailed search.

In the search, it was determined that there were coins in the appearance of historical artifacts in 8 packages hidden in the front console of the vehicle's tow truck.

The coins were sent to the Hatay Museum Directorate for examination.

In the examination carried out by the Hatay Museum Directorate, it was determined that 308 of the coins belonged to the Hellenistic period, 2 thousand 16 belonged to the Roman period and 209 belonged to the Byzantine period.

An investigation was launched against those responsible for the crime of violating the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets.

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