e scooter will now be used in ptt distribution services
34 Istanbul

PTT Distribution Officers Will Make Deliveries With E-Skuter

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who participated in the "Launch of the Use of Electric Scooter in Distribution Services" of PTT AŞ, stated that the pilot study will start in Istanbul as of today. Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that PTT AS's “Electricity in Distribution Services” [more…]

coastal security command
06 Ankara

Coast Guard Command 39 Years Old

Throughout history, among the nations of the world, Turks have always established long-lived and well-organized states, and have worked hard for the safety of their state and the people living in it. As a result of lessons learned from history, coastal countries [more…]

continue sports outside

Keep Sports Outdoors

Mars Sportif, Turkey's largest sports club chain, carried sports to the open air with the concept of 'Outside'. Activities organized twice a week by all MAC and MACFit clubs, accompanied by expert trainers, [more…]

oyak renault
16 Bursa

Oyak Renault Awarded Its Suppliers

The "2020 Supplier Achievement Awards" held by Oyak Renault to reward its most successful suppliers have found their owners. Best Purchasing Performance Award; Best Sustainable Development Award, Best Service Award and [more…]

What you need to know about limb amputations

What You Need to Know About Limb Amputations

Associate Professor from Memorial Kayseri Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department. Dr. İbrahim Karaman gave information about the microsurgery method, which is of vital importance in limb ruptures and fragments. In the human body, it cannot be intervened with the naked eye. [more…]