A First in Turkey: Ankara Nation's Garden Tram Will Be Battery Powered

people's garden tram

The day is counted for the completion of the Nation's Garden project in Ankara, which also includes the Atatürk Cultural Center. The National Garden planned for Ankara; It has been designed as a giant city park with an area of ​​1.700.000 m2. The park, which will start by bordering the Konya Road in front of the Ankara Provincial Police Department, extends to Sıhhiye Square in the east and Ulus Sculpture Square in the north.

The park, which will be built on an area of ​​1.700.000 m2; It will include the hippodrome and AKM area, the 19 Mayıs Stadium and Arena indoor sports hall land, the youth park, and the area where the CSO building and the current Courthouse are located, the First and Second Parliament buildings, and the Ankara Palas building.

Nostalgic and Environmentally Friendly Tram Line Coming!

There will also be a total of 5.000 meters of pedestrian and bicycle paths in the park, as well as a 4 km long tram line that goes around the park. The nostalgic train will serve on the line with many stations. This nostalgic train is a tram built in 1957!

This tram, which first worked in Istanbul Moda, then served on the Bursa T2 Nostalgic tram line for many years. The vehicles that will be taken from Bursa and revised will now carry the visitors of the park in the Ankara Public Garden. These vintage trams will no longer be fed from overhead catenary lines. These trams, which will serve with the batteries on the vehicle, are quite environmentally friendly. After the revision of the Gotha brand trams, which have zero carbon emissions, many cities can now have modern nostalgic trams.

Gotha trams are 11 meters long and have 22 seats. It can carry 60 people with standing passengers. Vehicles to be revised using domestic and national technologies will be implemented for the first time in Turkey! These vehicles, which will operate uninterruptedly with the batteries to be placed in the vehicle, can be operated at a speed of 20 km/h.

ankara nation bahcesi tram

750 acres of the area is becoming a museum zone. The 750-decare area in the Nation's Garden will host a history exhibition that is almost intertwined with green. There will be 4 different museum projects in the park, including the Republican era, the Ottoman and Seljuk era, the Roman era, and the Mesopotamian era museums.

One of the steps to be taken within the scope of the project will be to take Kazım Karabekir Street, one of the busiest streets of Ankara, underground. The park, which will be adjacent to very important centers for Ankara, from Ulus to Kızılay, from the High Speed ​​​​Train and old train stations to Hippodrome Street, Mia district, and the New Justice Palace; By providing a pedestrian route and a bicycle path equipped with greenery among all these centers, Ankara will be able to provide vehicle-free transportation within the city.

Ankara Nation's Garden Will Consist of 6 Sections

Ankara National Garden General View
Ankara National Garden General View

It will be combined with green hills within the scope of the project. By taking the street underground and including the existing route in the project, Ankara traffic will be greatly relieved.

The Arena Indoor Sports Hall, which is within the scope of the area projected as a sports zone, will be preserved in its place, while the 19 Mayıs Stadium will be demolished and renewed on site. In addition, in the green of Ankara residents in this region; Facilities will be built where they can perform many sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. The road that separates the Youth Park and has old plane trees on its sides will be preserved.

The third island, which will extend to the Opera House in the region that will contain a green grove and a natural pond, will meet the square to be created on Atatürk Boulevard and the newly built Melike Hatun Mosque.

In the region to be located in the north, the historical architecture of the Republican period will come to the fore. The island is planned as a commercial zone. This area will be connected to the second island, the sports area, by a square.

In addition to the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) building, new culture and art functions will be added and a culture and art zone will be created in the park. The park, which extends to the Sıhhiye Square, will meet the Kızılay, the center of Ankara's pedestrian traffic.

people's garden tram

3000 trees will be planted

None of the existing trees will be damaged during the project. The trees within the project area will be protected, and 3000 more trees will be planted in addition to these trees.

Since the southern part of the park area is the collecting basin of Ankara streams, these waters, which have been covered, will be exposed and rehabilitated. With various channels, streams and lakes, the park will have a total of 163.000 m2 of water elements.

Pedestrian and bicycle paths, which will be located in the greenery of the park, will reach the eastern end of Ankapark by passing over Konya Road and Hippodrome Street with green bridges, and these green roads will provide access to the Beştepe Presidential Complex.

Nation Gardens, which will serve the goal of creating brand cities, will also have the feature of being a concert, culture, art and sports center for city residents. Thanks to the Nation's Gardens, which will host all shades of green, the air of the cities will change and oxygen release will increase.

At the same time, the National Gardens, which are aimed to be a center of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists, will also contribute to the country's economy commercially.



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