ALPAGU Fixed Wing Intelligent Striker UAV with Ammunition Full Accuracy in Test Fire!

fixed wing smart hitter uav alpagu direct hit
fixed wing smart hitter uav alpagu direct hit

Fixed Wing Intelligent Striker UAV System ALPAGU successfully carried out the test fire with ammunition. Fixed-Wing Intelligent Strike UAV System ALPAGU, developed by STM with its national engineering capabilities, and capable of effective operation both day and night by a single private, hit its target with full accuracy in the test firing with ammunition carried out in the Aksaray Shooting Range. After launching, ALPAGU, which made its flight for about 10 minutes, followed the target through image tracking software. With its high maneuverability, ALPAGU, which could not be detected by the target until the last moment, destroyed its target with the ammunition on it.

The test shot was taken from his Twitter account "It's light weight heavy ALPAGUPerfect hit from!” announcing with the title SSB Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir shared his post: "It's light weight heavy ALPAGUFull hit from! The Fixed Wing Intelligent Strike UAV System developed by STM with its national engineering capability, capable of effective operation day and night by a single soldier, successfully carried out the test fire with ALPAGU ammunition. No Stopping, Keep Going!" gave expressions.


ALPAGU Portable Fixed Wing Smart Ammunition System is a fixed wing portable smart munition system that can be carried by a single soldier, can be carried autonomously or with remote control, designed for both reconnaissance and surveillance and hitting targets outside the line of sight with high accuracy at the tactical level for land elements. .

ALPAGU can be used effectively day and night against fixed or moving targets with the help of embedded and real-time image processing and deep learning algorithms developed by STM with national resources. System; It consists of “Fixed Wing Intelligent Ammunition System”, “Launcher Launcher” and “Ground Control Station” components.

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Efficient day and night operation
  • Autonomous precision strike with minimal secondary damage
  • Target orientation and tracking on moving targets
  • High performance navigation, control and guidance algorithms
  • Can be used by one person
  • Flight termination or self-destruct modes
  • Advanced and unique electronic ammunition safety, arming and firing
  • Original national embedded hardware and software
  • High lateral viewing angle
  • Image processing based control applications
  • Embedded and real-time object detection, diagnosis, tracking and classification


  • Range : < 10 km
  • Mission Duration: 10 minutes
  • Mission Altitude : 400 ft (AGL)
  • Cruising Speed: 50 knots
  • Maximum Speed: 65 knots
  • Weight : 1.9 kg
  • Temperature : -20 / + 50 °C
  • Power : LiPo Battery
  • Preparation Time: Maximum 1 minute

Source: defenceturk

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