international anatolian eagle exercise starts in konya
42 Konya

International Anatolian Eagle-2021 Exercise Begins in Konya

The transfer of the personnel and planes of the countries that will participate in the International Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training, as well as the personnel and aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, to Konya has been completed. The Ministry of National Defense shared on its official Twitter account between 21 June-02 July 2021, [more…]

true misconceptions about stomach

Misconceptions About Stomach

Stomach complaints bother many people. But there are some misconceptions about the stomach. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül tells the truth of what is wrong about the stomach. Myth: When we get fat, our stomachs get bigger, so we get more [more…]

isparta burdur friendship road will be completed within this year
15 Burdur

Isparta Burdur Friendship Road Will Be Completed This Year

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karismailoğlu made a series of contacts within the scope of Isparta-Burdur programs. Karaismailoğlu, who made investigations at the Isparta-Burdur Friendship Road Construction Site, said, “Our Isparta and Burdur provinces, which are among our investments throughout the country, are well deserved. [more…]

Electric scooter era begins in the capital
06 Ankara

Electric Scooter Era Begins in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has taken new decisions regarding the use, control and authorization principles of electric "scooters", one of the new generation transportation vehicles. According to this; 3/1 of the county's population [more…]

new lines in antalya public transportation
07 Antalya

New Lines in Antalya Public Transportation

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has created new lines at different points in order to avoid problems in transportation. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System said in a statement that Güzeloba, Suryapı, Airport, Geyikbayırı and Feslikan [more…]

Pezuk continued his investigations in the Adana region.
01 Adana

Pezuk Continued Its Investigation in Adana Region

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, while continuing his visit to the workplaces affiliated to the Adana Regional Directorate, examined the regional freight and passenger transportation activities on site and received information about the works. Loko Maintenance as part of the tour [more…]

construction of doner bridge infrastructure

Revolving Bridge Infrastructure Work

Revolving Bridge Infrastructure Work TR STATE RAILWAYS ENTERPRISE GENERAL DIRECTORATE (TCDD) GENERAL DIRECTORATE 5 Revolving Bridge Infrastructure Construction Work Construction Work 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 19 [more…]