What is Cloud Storage and How Is It Used? What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage?

what is cloud storage how is it used what are the advantages of cloud storage
what is cloud storage how is it used what are the advantages of cloud storage

New files are added to the files on your computer or phone every day. Your e-mail box is getting a little fuller than your phone's storage space. Videos, photos, important business files can be collected and can cover a huge area. This being the case, it is necessary to back up all these important files in a way that they can be accessed at any time and ensured that they are safe.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage, in its most general definition, is the area where many different data are stored in a virtual environment. Cloud storage, which is one of the most needed services today, is a service that allows data to be stored by transferring it over the internet or a different network. There are many storage systems. This provides users with a wide range of choices.

How to Use Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage systems all offer different sizes of storage or price options. While some cloud storages give you 2GB of space initially, they offer you some advantages when you make the system available to your friends as well. Others may allow you to start storing in 5GB or even 15GB spaces, and you can increase these spaces at any time.

Likewise, the storage options offered by the storage areas differ. Some of the most preferred storage areas can automatically make backups via your computer or mobile device. In other words, in this system, you do not need to select the files to be backed up one by one and upload them to the cloud. However, on some cloud storage systems you have to do this manually.

First of all, you must be a member of a cloud system to be able to store. If you've opted for a manual cloud storage system, almost all of them are pretty close in use. If you have an internet connection, after logging into your system, it will usually be sufficient to select the upload file option and select the files you want to keep in cloud storage.
You can request that the data you have backed up is automatically deleted from your phone or computer, or you can store this data both on your device and in the cloud system. However, if your device has limited storage space, we recommend deleting the data you have uploaded to the cloud system. It will be sufficient to have an internet connection to access this data at any time.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

The development of technology has made it necessary for us to access the data we want immediately. For example; Imagine you are working out of the office or on vacation and you are not in a position to access your computer at the moment. If there is an urgent document that you need to send, you can provide it via your cloud system, which you can access from anywhere at any time, and send the file quickly.

1. Anytime, Anywhere Access

The only thing you need to access a file you have uploaded to the cloud system is an internet connection. Other than that, there are no requirements. It doesn't matter where you are or what time it is.

2. Documents, Photos and Videos Are Safe

There has always been a time when you relied on a computer or phone backup and lost your important documents, photos or videos. Because in this system, your data is entrusted to only one device. When this device is corrupted or lost, your files will also be destroyed. You can take advantage of the power of cloud storage systems to avoid such a problem and to keep your files safe under all circumstances.

3. Saving Files Directly to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage areas can offer different services at some points. With some storage services, you can transfer your files directly to the cloud. For this, you do not need to perform operations such as upload and send. It is enough to create synchronization between your device and your cloud storage.

4. Backing Up Devices and Software

In cases where you lose your computer or phone, or if the devices are damaged and not turned on, you can have many losses. In this case, you may wish to have a backup of your devices. So where did you put that backup you took? The external disk where you take computer and phone backups may also be lost, or it may take time to remember where you put it. In order to avoid this problem, you can back up your software, such as an internet browser, as well as other devices such as phones and tablets, to your cloud system.

5. You Can Increase Your Space

Data is increasing day by day and you don't have to worry if your storage space can't keep up with this speed. You can expand the storage space you have in cloud storage as much as you want in the next processes. In cloud storage systems, you don't have to manage with a specific storage space like your hard drive. You can increase your space instantly by paying reasonable fees.

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