Ankara Sivas YHT counting the days for the opening
06 Ankara

Ankara Sivas YHT Counting the Days for the Opening

Enver İskurt, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, chaired the technical meeting on the Ankara-Sivas YHT line, whose work is at the final stage. At the meeting, the construction of the line, electromechanics, stations, train wagons, operational studies were discussed. [more…]

A railwayman passed by benliahmet station
36 Kars

A Railwayman Passed Through Benliahmet Station

According to TCDD records, Selim and Benliahmet Stations built on the Sarıkamış-Arpaçayı Line, which were put into operation in 1899, were left to the Republic of Turkey with the Gyumri Agreement signed in 1920. Erzurum-Sarıkamış-Kars and its Branch for a while [more…]

army cable car services have started again
52 Army

Ordu Cable Car Expeditions Restarted

Ordu Cable Car Expeditions Restarted. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. The cable car line, operated by the company and suspended for the protection of public health due to the pandemic, has been reopened with the measures taken. [more…]

elevators are being built to the overpasses in trabzon
61 Trabzon

Elevator to Overpasses in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues to work with sensitivity to make daily life easier. Putting the comfort of disabled people first in all the works carried out, Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu brought his projects to life one after another. [more…]

Otokar Service Days Campaign Starts in June

Otokar Service Days Campaign Starts on 14 June

The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated 'Service Days' campaign of Turkey's leading automotive manufacturer, Otokar, by commercial vehicle owners. Within the scope of the campaign, which will start on June 14, commercial vehicle owners receive labor, spare parts, periodic [more…]

What is happening in sea container transportation
34 Istanbul

What Happens in Seaway Container Transportation?

43rd of Turkey IMSAD Agenda Meetings, 'What's Happening in Seaway Container Transportation?' carried out under the title 'Agenda Meetings', organized for the 43rd time by Türkiye İMSAD (Turkish Construction Material Industrialists' Association) with the contributions of Demirdöküm, will be held on May 31st. [more…]

The first reactor cabinet was installed in akkuyu ngs
33 Mersin

First Reactor Vessel Installed at Akkuyu NPP

At the Akkuyu NPP construction site, the installation of the reactor pressure vessel of the 1st power unit, which is one of the main stages of the assembly of the main equipment, has been completed. Assembling the core holder on the 1st power unit before [more…]

Karting season opening in Tuzla in June
34 Istanbul

2021 Karting Season Opening in Tuzla on 5 June

The excitement of karting starts with the organization of Tuzla Motor Sports Club after a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Karting excitement begins with the organization of Tuzla Motorsports Club after a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 [more…]

watch out for leaned on hands

Beware of Aging on Hands!

Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor gave information about anti-aging treatment methods against wrinkles on hands. Our hands age, similar to our face, with loss of volume, wrinkles and pigmentation changes. Our hands are like our faces, [more…]

when should newborn circumcision be done

When should newborn circumcision be done?

Stating that timing is important in newborn circumcision, Medical Park Gebze Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Tural Abdullayev said, “Due to the onset of colic attacks in babies after the 2nd week, newborn circumcision is performed before the 2nd week. [more…]

Beware of these infections in the summer months

Beware of These Infections During Summer!

With the arrival of the summer heat and the start of the normalization process, holiday plans began to be made. Experts announced that the coronavirus will not be transmitted from the sea or pools, but there are other infections that we can get from pools! Istanbul Okan University Hospital Infection [more…]

d marin gocek awarded by turcev
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D-Marin Göcek Awarded by TÜRÇEV

D-Marin Göcek was awarded the 'Best Environmental Education and Awareness Raising' award at the 'Blue Flag Awards' organized by the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) since 2001 for its contribution to increasing environmental awareness in its region. [more…]