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continue sports outside
continue sports outside

Mars Sportif, Turkey's largest sports club chain, carried sports to the open air with the concept of 'Outside'. The activities, organized twice a week by all MAC and MACFit clubs, accompanied by expert trainers, provide an enjoyable sports experience, from running to walking, from pilates to functional training. MACFit Trainer Anıl Altuntaş explained the benefits of running, which has gained popularity since the beginning of the pandemic, as follows: “Running 30 minutes a week not only improves sleep quality, but also strengthens the musculoskeletal system. It also helps improve cardiovascular health.”

MAC and MACFit brands, serving in 12 cities of Turkey, bring their members together with outdoor sports. Enriching the live broadcasts it has made with expert trainers on online channels since the beginning of the pandemic, Mars Sportif has now carried sports to the open air with the concept of 'Outside'. Activities organized by all MAC and MACFit clubs with expert trainers at certain times, two days a week, include walking, pilates and functional training as well as running. Members can review event details and make reservations via the mobile application.

The concept, which provides a sports experience in a pleasant atmosphere for those who do not want to stay still at home, also appeals to those who are interested in running. MACFit Trainer Anıl Altuntaş said that outdoor running became very popular as the temperatures started to increase. Stating that running is good for the body and mind, Altuntaş said, “Even running for 30 minutes a week for three weeks improves sleep quality. Besides, we feel better, we realize that our musculoskeletal system is getting stronger. “Experts count the benefits of running to improve the health of the cardiovascular system.” Altuntaş listed the points to be considered in order to prevent the risk of injury while running and to continue jogging with health:

Correct shoes are essential
Specially designed for running and suitable for the foot, shoes also provide the right support to the feet. Thus, the risk of injury is prevented and training is enjoyed.

Don't forget to warm up
Warming up before exercise is very important in terms of maintaining the flexibility of the body. Warm-ups also support joint range of motion.

Drink the right amount of water
It is necessary to drink the right amount of water to replace the fluid lost during running. Drink two glasses of water before exercise and an extra glass of water for every 15 minutes of jogging. Even if we do not feel thirsty, we should continue to drink water after exercise.

Set yourself limits
Start with jogging for 20 or 30 minutes, generally two to four times a week. The starting running distance should be between 3 and 6 kilometers. After you start running regularly, you can continue running with a 10 percent increase in distance per week.

Run two hours after eating
There should be a gap of at least two hours between the running workout and the meal. Thus, the time required for the blood collected around the digestive system to return to the musculoskeletal system has passed. However, a snack containing quality carbohydrates can be consumed just before the run. To speed up the recovery process of the muscles after exercise, it is good to turn to a carbohydrate containing one-quarter protein, such as a can of chocolate milk.

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