33 France

Dacia Renewed Its Logo

Dacia introduced its new visual identity as an important milestone in its strategic plan. Staying true to Dacia DNA, the renewed visual identity for a more modern and digital brand is the embodiment of simplicity and robustness. [more…]

musiad bursa branch visited guhemi
16 Bursa

MUSIAD Bursa Branch Visited GUHEM

MUSIAD Bursa Branch President Nihat Alpay stated that Gökmen Aerospace Training Center (GUHEM) is a unique project and said, “GUHEM will be a touchstone in Turkey's studies in the field of space and aviation.” said. Private [more…]

bozankaya signed high technology product domestic production trams european passenger
40 Romania

Bozankaya Trams European Passenger

One of the leading companies of Turkey, serving for more than 100 years in the field of new generation, environmentally friendly public transportation vehicles with 30% Turkish engineering and advanced domestic technology. Bozankaya, in its giant facilities in Ankara Sincan [more…]

european triathlon cup was introduced
10 Balikesir

European Triathlon Cup Introduced

The European Triathlon Cup, which will be held on 30 July-1 August 2021 in Balıkesir with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality, was introduced at the Fatih Hall of the Courtyard Congress Center. 268 of them to the European Triathlon Cup to be held in the Youth and Elites categories [more…]

the history of bitcoin rising in value like a diamond

The History of Bitcoin Rising Like a Diamond

In 2009, a new cryptocurrency appeared in the system of electronic financial payments, that is Bitcoin, which has truly revolutionized. Development of the Internet protocol and description of the working principle of the client program, Australian encryption [more…]

new transportation line to Diyarbakir Research Hospital
21 Diyarbakir

New Transportation Line to Diyarbakir Research Hospital

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality opened a new line between Balıkçılarbaşı and Research Hospital to facilitate transportation and accessibility of citizens. Metropolitan Municipality meets the hospital, education, health and commercial needs of citizens in a comfortable and safe way. [more…]

Halic will host the rowing races
34 Istanbul

Golden Horn Will Host Rowing Races

İBB will organize rowing races in the Golden Horn, where it brings blue and green together with its works throughout the year. The event, which will include teams and clubs, will take place on 26 June. The organization where the registrations will remain open until June 23; women [more…]

izmir track cup starts
35 Izmir

Izmir Track Cup Begins

Organized by Ülkü Motorsports Club, the 2021 İzmir Track Cup starts with the first foot races to be held on Sunday, June 20. At the track cup at the weekend, where V2 Challenge races will also be held, [more…]

foods that damage teeth

Foods That Damage Teeth

Dr. Dt. Beril Karagenç gave important information about foods and beverages that harm oral and dental health. Sugar is one of the riskiest food groups for teeth, as sugary foods increase the risk of caries. [more…]

The world's seventh largest dam reaches full capacity
86 China

World's Seventh Largest Dam Reaches Full Capacity

Wudongde Hydroelectric Power Plant started operating at full capacity yesterday, with 12 units. At the same time, the total installed capacity of Wudongde Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the seventh largest hydroelectric power plant in the world, was determined as 10,2 million kilowatts. [more…]

Emre Duygu Theater Posters Exhibition Opened
35 Izmir

Emre Duygu Theater Posters Exhibition Opened

The first of the design exhibitions organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mediterranean Academy met with the people of Izmir. Emre Duygu Theater Posters Exhibition took its place in the "Caterpillar Design Unit". Izmir Mediterranean Academy poster design [more…]