Sutec Brings Speed ​​and Efficiency in Digital Printing in the Textile Industry

sutec brings speed and efficiency in digital printing in the textile industry
sutec brings speed and efficiency in digital printing in the textile industry

Lidya Group, the leader of the digital printing industry, brings a new breath and excitement to the textile industry with its own brand Sutec. Sutec digital textile machines, which provide high quality digital printing to the textile industry, provide technology, quality, high speed and efficiency that manufacturers have not experienced until now.

Noting that they will play a decisive role in the textile industry, Lidya Group Wide Format Sales Manager Mehmet Döner said:

“With our Sutec branded products, we are bringing a new excitement to the textile market this year. We are preparing suitable environments for the manufacturers in the textile market to develop their business, by presenting the comfort they have never experienced until now. As Lidya Group, which sets the standards of the digital printing industry, directs the industry and directs manufacturers only to business development, we will assume a decisive role in the textile industry as of this year, as in all other industries. We entered the textile sublimation market with our two models, Sutec TX-1903 and Sutec TX-1906, and we have been selling and servicing them since the beginning of this year.”

Sutec brand is under the guarantee of Lidya Group

Lidya Group, a technology company in the digital printing sector, is one of the few companies in our geography, besides being the leader in our country. In recent years, the biggest change in the customers in different sectors who buy these machines is in the perception of "quality". Because companies want to work with Lidya Group, which represents global brands, has high knowledge and experience, has a strong organizational structure and human resources, and has a strong financial structure in order to ensure continuity in their business.

Mehmet Döner, Lidya Group Wide Format Sales Manager, explained that Sutec branded digital printing machines are under the guarantee of Lidya Group and continued his speech as follows:

“Our sales network and after-service quality, our logistics competence, our financial strength, and as a result, high customer satisfaction are the most important factors in our preference. As it is known, we launched our own brand, Sutec, to the market in 2019. Designed and produced in line with the promotional demands of the market and the needs of copy shops, Sutec digital printing machines allow printing on many different materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic up to 10 cm thick. Our early models appealed predominantly to advertisers and copy shops. This year, we stepped into the textile sector with our Sutec brand. If we talk about the models we offer to the textile market, we will soon become the leader in the textile sublimation market with our two models. As the leading company not only of our country but also of the geography we are in, we have not sold or will not sell any product that we cannot stand behind. We made these products ready for the market by testing all their technical features in our demo center months before putting them on sale, and identifying the aspects that need to be changed and improved. Therefore, our products will be the biggest supporters of industrial production enterprises in terms of producing smoothly. We, as the Lidya Group family, will be the endless supporters of our customers, together with our machines.”

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