Statement from Minister Koca to Allegation of Kovid Deaths Hiding!

explanation to the allegation of covid deaths hiding from minister husband
explanation to the allegation of covid deaths hiding from minister husband

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement regarding the death report shared by a patient's relative on social media with the claim that "Kovid deaths are hiding".

In his written statement, Koca shared: “Today, with the death certificate shared by a patient's relative on social media, it is claimed that the covid death of the person is hidden, based on the information written on the death certificate of a patient who received Covid-19 treatment. In the attachment, we share the document shared by the relatives and some politicians and the death certificate in our records.

The late Cemal Küçükşahin passed away while receiving covid-19 treatment at a foundation university hospital. Our doctor, who issued the death certificate of the person, approved the death certificate by entering the non-communicable disease information into the cause of death. It is the responsibility of the physician who follows to approve the death certificates and determine the cause of death. However, after the death certificates are approved by our physicians, they are inspected and checked by a higher commission consisting of 3 different physicians, and when it is thought that there is an error or missing, the physician is informed and requested to examine the report.

The death report of the patient was approved by the physician on April 30, 2021, and after the upper commission examination, the report was returned to the physician on May 2, 2021, and it was reminded that the patient was covid-19 positive and this should be stated in the diagnosis. The physician rearranged his report and approved it on the same day. The final version of the report has been presented. This patient is recorded as covid size in our records and in all our statistics.

As claimed, there is no record as if the patient is not covid. The document submitted to the relatives of the patient is a document that is prepared without a final examination in order to make the burials without delay and is open to examination.

The reason for the non-infectious disease being written on the death certificate is that the PCR test result of our patient, whose treatment lasted 23 days, was negative. The physician has judged that there is no contagious situation and the final decision maker is the physician himself.

In summary, while being treated in a foundation university hospital, a citizen who did not provide all the information in the death report was included in the records of our state as covid-19 as it should be. It is of no use to make the credibility of the information suspect from here.

On this occasion, I once again express my condolences to the late Cemal Küçükşahin and his loved ones. "

explanation to the allegation of covid deaths hiding from minister husband

explanation to the allegation of covid deaths hiding from minister husband

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