Mitsubishi Electric Develops Robot Technology

Mitsubishi adds soul to electric robots
Mitsubishi adds soul to electric robots

Mitsubishi Electric, which performs studies beyond the age in the field of robotics and develops robots that can cooperate with people, raises the issue of whether the robot can be loaded with spirit and consciousness in the future in the light of its proprietary MAISART technology.

Robots, which are vital in the production process of factories, take a more and more role in the industry with the speed and convenience they provide and become an ordinary workforce. Mitsubishi Electric, which stands out with its advanced technology solutions in many different sectors from home to space, accelerates its work in robotics, which it started in the 1980s, and develops robots that can work in a sensitive, fast, narrow space and cooperate with people at the same time. Drawing attention to the need to look at AI-powered robots from a different perspective, which are in such close contact with humans, Mitsubishi Electric brings up an interesting subject at this point. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Unit Manager Tolga Bizel gave information and made predictions about the algorithm of Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary artificial intelligence, MAISART technology, which resembles human behavior and thoughts.

Robot investments, which will work in cooperation with people on production lines, are expected to progress much faster in Turkey, as in the world, in the near future. Robots will be able to produce in many areas, especially human needs, in Turkey and nearby markets, which is a country open to new market opportunities due to its geopolitical location. Well, in the new world order where robots and humans are so intertwined, will the robots that create wonders with their artificial intelligence be able to load spirit and consciousness in the future? Technology giant Mitsubishi Electric, which draws attention with its works that go beyond the age in the robotics field, brings an important issue to the agenda by looking at robots from a different perspective.

Robots are now faster, more precise and intuitive

Talking about the advantages of robots with artificial intelligence algorithms in production, Tolga Bizel, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Unit Manager, shared the following: “As Mitsubishi Electric, we will be able to work in a sensitive, fast, narrow field by accelerating our work in robotics that we started in the 1980s and we also develop robots that can collaborate with humans. We take part in many studies with our digital factory concept eF @ ctory, which responds to Industry 4.0, and our proprietary AI brand MAISART (Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology) technology, which enables companies to get the maximum benefit from artificial intelligence. With the new generation of collaborative robots we have developed with artificial intelligence, we enable companies to set up their robotic systems quickly, intuitively and at lower costs, and respond flexibly to rapidly changing business environments and social needs. Robots can now complete more delicate tasks that could be done by hand, such as installing lamps or setting up an audio system, while only replacing the body of a vehicle before, for example. Robots have grown from simple and rough work to increasingly complex and fine work. In the near future, the biggest change expected from robots will be in the field of motion technology. Robots with artificial intelligence algorithms will be expected to change the location of the product, to work precisely, precisely and more flexibly. "

"The learning time of our robots has decreased from 5 hours to 1 hour"

Bizel said that they have gathered Mitsubishi Electric's special artificial intelligence technology, which includes compact artificial intelligence, automatic design deep learning algorithm and extra efficient smart learning applications, under one roof under the “MAISART” brand; “Many developments in the field of robotics, from voice control to 3D image application, are gradually accelerating. kazanDevelopment of robot systems with artificial intelligence is at the forefront of the applications that come to the fore in the beginning. Mitsubishi Electric is working to enable companies to derive maximum benefit from artificial intelligence with its proprietary MAISART technology. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to prevent unexpected malfunctions and to warn users about the parts that will cause malfunctions in advance. Using a machine learning algorithm, this technology analyzes the sensor data and creates a model of the production machine transition between different operational states. In this way, it is ensured that machine anomalies that indicate unexpected situations in machines are detected quickly and accurately in order to increase efficiency in factories and facilities. Our robots work faster and without damaging the system with the power sensor compared to traditional systems; learning and improving its performance. The learning time of our robots has also decreased from 5 hours to 1-2 hours,” he said.

AI-powered robots and humans will work collaboratively

Stating that as Mitsubishi Electric, they aim to adopt robot technology integrated into automation in Turkey, Bizel continued his words as follows: “Robots that have generally worked alone until now will appear as humanoid robots that work together with humans in the next period. Contrary to the general belief, we can say that digitalization will not cause people to be unemployed, but will enable people to shift from labor-intensive jobs to mental work. With the digital transformation, our expectation that there will be a new organizational structure and settlement in businesses is weighted. kazanhe's eating. To give an example at this point; In our transformation experience, which started in 2003 at our Kani factory in Japan, we moved from line production to cellular production equipped with digital transformation and a high-tech system. Here, too, we have seen that the job descriptions of many employees will change radically. Robots, which are vital in the production process of factories, are becoming a very ordinary workforce by taking more and more roles in the industry with the speed and convenience they provide. Factories where robots will work in cooperation with humans in the future are waiting for us. With the power we get from MAISART technology, we think that investments in robots that will work with humans on production lines in Turkey will progress faster from now on, and we continue to work for this.”

"The soul we add to our robots is MAISART technology"

Tolga Bizel, who said that people in Japan are believed to have a soul in addition to natural resources and nature, as well as inanimate beings, completed his words as follows: “In studies in Japanese universities where a touch and pain nervous system was placed on the robot to make the robot feel pain, robots will be able to understand the touch and pain of others. Looking for the answer to the question. If it is possible for robots to feel, whether empathy and morality can emerge or not, it seems to be discussed in the upcoming period. Will it be possible to build a symbiotic society with artificially intelligent robots, and will a robot that can sense pain become an important component of this society? Can such robots provide physical and emotional assistance to people? questions are asked. As Mitsubishi Electric, we can say that; The soul that we add to our robots is MAISART technology, our registered artificial intelligence brand. In the future, our robots will have a kind of spirit that includes artificial intelligence technologies and human and this spirit will be able to act together. "

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