Here are the Weapons and Ammunition Captured in Claw Operations

Weapons and ammunition seized in demand pence operations
Weapons and ammunition seized in demand pence operations

The Ministry of National Defense shared the images of the weapons and ammunition next to 7 terrorists who were neutralized within the scope of the Claw operations.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, in his last statement regarding the Claçe-Şimşek and Claçe-Yıldırım operations launched in the north of Iraq, announced that 7 PKK terrorists were neutralized in a cave. Minister Akar also gave information about the weapons and ammunition seized together with the neutralized terrorists. The weapons and ammunition found with the 7 PKK terrorists who were neutralized during the Claw-Yıldırım operation are as follows:

  • 1 2 mm anti-aircraft guns, 14,7 of which is remote-controlled
  • 2 Zagros sniper guns
  • 1 7.62 mm PKMS machine gun
  • 1 Dragunov sniper rifle
  • 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher
  • 2 M-16 infantry rifles
  • 5 AK-47 infantry rifles
  • 1 drum grenade launcher with 6 drum
  • System evaluated as remote command of tablet and anti-aircraft guns
  • Assault type grenades,
  • Lots of ammunition and documents.

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