When Will the Canceled Bursa City Hospital Metro Tender Be Held?

When will the canceled bursa city hospital metro tender be held
When will the canceled bursa city hospital metro tender be held

First news… Bursa to be surprised. Bursaray 'i last stop Labor'th Start 'all by fast train City Hospital 'for the metro line that will extend, made on October 27 and Söğüt Construction-Taşyapı Construction with the offer of 1 billion 607 million 824 thousand liras of the partnership kazantender Ege Gökmen Construction-Günfalt Construction on partnership objection 13th Department of the Council of State ''It was canceled before.
On development…
AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Contact Mustafa directly took action and Yalçın Eyigün, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transport 'met with
During the meeting ...
"Bursa will suffer from this waste of time" she's Esgin 'e, Eyigun de "We are going out to a new tender within 1 month" gave the answer.
Eyigun In addition, the expiry time of 42 months in the first tender 24 months announced that it would be. We also included the information in these columns on April 28th.
After that…
Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş at hospital Covid He called from the room where he was being treated and explained the unknowns of the process he followed closely.
In the evaluations we quoted on April 29, President Aktaş It is especially important that the duration of the new tender decreases from 42 months to 24 months and "For the good of Bursa" He was interpreting with his word.
Then ...
Friday night Ankara'surprise from with new information we were excited.
While the new tender is expected to be launched within 1 month, Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments speeding up the process, Wednesday, May 5 to 10.30 o'clock Tender invitation to 6 companies took off.
Those 6 companies invited were listed as follows in the tender records: Steels, Gülermak Kolin, Söğüt, Makyol, Taşyapı.
To the first tender ...
Söğüt ve Taşyapı they entered together and best offer they gave. Both companies were separately invited to the tender, but again, acting together and joint offer in question.
City Hospital Metro for Start 'They built a very large construction site together, even bought new vehicles.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

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