TEI Delivers the Local Engine of GÖKBEY Helicopter to TUSAŞ

tei gokbey delivers domestic engine of helicopter to tusa
tei gokbey delivers domestic engine of helicopter to tusa

📩 20/06/2020 12:37

Medium Range Domestic Missile Engine TEI-TJ300 Operation and Promotion Ceremony Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the national helicopter Gökbey's domestic engine (TS1400) will be delivered to TUSAŞ this year and its integration will begin.

The TS1400 engine, produced by TEI in Gökbey, will be integrated in 2020, under the coordination of the Presidency of the Defense Industry, the first general purpose helicopter developed and manufactured under the main contractor of TUSAŞ with domestic facilities. GÖKBEY helicopters of the mass production process will be equipped with the TS1400 engine of TEI and delivered to the security forces. GÖKBEY general purpose helicopter made its first flight with the Turbo Shaft Engine LHTEC-CTS800 · 4AT produced by LHTEC, a joint venture of Rolls-Royce and Honeywell.

The prototype manufacturing of the core engine, which forms the heart of the TS1400 Turboshaft engine, was completed and its first ignition was successfully carried out on June 10, 2018. Launched on February 07, 2017, Turboşaft Engine Development Project covers an 250-year period in which 8 engineers will work. In the first place, the engine variants to be developed in the Original Helicopter GÖKBEY will power other national platforms such as ATAK and HÜRKUŞ.

The GÖKBEY General Purpose Helicopter, which is stated to operate effectively even in the most challenging climates and geographies, made its first flight in 2019. It is expected that the GÖKBEY helicopter will start mass production in 2021. The domestic helicopter, carried out by the Turkish Aviation Space Industry (TUSAŞ) under the coordination of the Defense Industry Directorate, will have a capacity of 12 passengers. Studies on the certification of the helicopter by EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) and SHGM (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) are continuing with the program.

The avionics systems of the GÖKBEY helicopter, the body, the rotor system, and landing gear all carry the signature of TUSAŞ. It can be used in many tasks such as Helicopter, VIP, Cargo, Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Offshore Transport.

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