Burulaş in the Patented Persistent World Showcase

The patented product 'persomatic' that attracted the attention of industry experts at the International Railway Technologies, Systems and Tools Fair in Berlin, which allowed Burulaş to eliminate the bureaucratic procedures and prepare a personalized photo transportation card in 2,5 minutes. Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, who visited the stand where Burulaş was introduced to all the activity areas from the rail system to the seaplane, from bus to sea bus, from helitaks to car rental, using 'persomatik', 2,5 prepared its own transportation card in minutes.

Burulaş, the transportation company of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has demonstrated its difference in technology production as well as the expansion of alternative transportation systems to the highway such as rail, sea bus, seaplane and helicopter. The bureaucratic procedures developed by Burulaş under the R & D and innovation studies, which were developed and patented by leştirilmiş persomatic an to remove the personalized transportation card or extend the visa period of the cards were completely eliminated. After entering the ID numbers of the passengers, the student determines the most suitable card type for the passenger such as 60 age. Thanks to the vatandaş persomatic zaman, which makes all these operations in 2,5 minutes, the time loss of citizens is completely lost.

The International Railway Technologies, Systems and Tools Fair, held every two years at the ExpoCenter in Berlin, hosted a total of 55 bin 2 companies from 768. From Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Turkey Locomotive Co. (Tulomsas) and Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. as the industry giant with brands Burulaş Located at the fair, which was prepared with stand in the limelight. Burulaş also introduced all the activity areas from rail systems to seaplane, bus to sea bus, terminal to helitaksi and car rental. Burulaş 's largest interest in the booth at the time of the 2,5 minute personalized transportation card that prepared the patented' Persomatic 'saw. Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu visited Burulaş's booth together with İbrahim Burkay, the president of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and became one of the first users of Persomatik. Governor Karaloğlu, in a short time prepared his own private transportation card.

Explaining that the quality of service in Burulaş transportation systems is riveted by technology, Governor Karaloğlu emphasized that Burulaş represented Bursa in Germany in the best way.

Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy from the first day of the fair stand out of the great interest of the stating that the happiness, parallel to the developing technology in order to further improve the quality of R & D and innovation studies continue to work without losing speed.


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