Sailing and Canoe Facility Opened in Ordu

sailing and canoeing facility in the army opened
sailing and canoeing facility in the army opened

In collaboration with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Ordu Sailing and Canoe Association, the promotion and opening ceremony of the Sailing and Canoe Training Project was held.

The presentation of the project was made by Adem Atik, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, in the Ordu Culture and Art Center Hall. Later, the opening ribbon was cut at the Sailing and Canoe Facility in Akyazı Mevkii. After the sailing and canoeing athletes gave the audience pleasant moments with different shows, the protocol examined the 1.100-meter-long Canoe Race Track and Facilities Project, which is under construction in Gülyalı district.


Expressing that the Black Sea will be colored by sails and canoes, Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Turkey "even though it is surrounded by sea on three sides we could not give the necessary weight to sea sports. We have half the size of our land, but we don't have boats in our sea. As sportive activities, we only go in and out of the sea. Apart from that, we have no other activities. After that, we will intensively focus on these issues. New Barbaroses will grow under the shadow of these sports and we will bring new athletes to the Turkish and world seas. We need to dominate the seas in every respect. Our seas are waiting for us. When it was decided to construct '' at Ordu-Giresun Airport, especially the edges of the area were left blank. One of these empty spaces is now a track we will use for canoeing and sailing. We will not only do the seas but also canoe on our highlands. I hope the Black Sea will be a colorful sea with sails and canoes. ”


Tuncay Sonel, Governor of Ordu, wishing the project to be beneficial to all Ordu, said, “Together we will make our Ordu a spoken city. Our Minister's experience and knowledge is a chance for us. If we use this knowledge together for Ordu, we will go further in every field. I'm a person who comes from the sport. We will be happy to develop these sports, to use the seas and plateaus for sports, to contribute to employment, to train national athletes and to send our flags to international competitions. I hope this project will be beneficial to all Ordu, especially our youth and children. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project. ”


Said the future of canoeing are much better places in Turkey Canoe Federation General Secretary Emre Oak, "we were happy to see this project here. Hopefully, more beautiful days are waiting for us. There is a lot of labor here. We will keep coming to Turkey in the canoeing much better place. I thank you on behalf of the entire canoeing community. ”


The facility was built voicing have an infrastructure that can host international sports competitions Turkey Sailing Federation President craving Akdurak, "We are seeing a huge publicize the project will carry Turkey sailing to perhaps centuries beyond excitement. Every sport is precious. The nature of some of our provinces allows these kinds of sports to progress quickly. One of these provinces in Ordu. Ordu province has invaluable bays and gulfs for sailing tourism. Installation on the coasts is the most important problem of sailing. I think and I see that with the touch of our Minister, this facility is being brought to Ordu with an infrastructure that can host international sports competitions. Another problem is our commitment to up to one hundred percent foreign production. In this regard, we received the good news that the main materials of the sport we will do from our Minister will be produced in Ordu. We will leave behind many countries leading this sport with the touch of our Minister. I express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed. ”


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