Railway to the Black Sea was Atatürk's Dream

black sea railway was the dream of ataturk
black sea railway was the dream of ataturk

📩 31/10/2019 12:17

Union of Technicians Army Provincial Representative Musa Kiranli, "the Black Sea is Ataturk's dream and the project of an unfinished republic," he said.

Union of Technicians Army Representative of the province Musa Kiranli, Samsun Sarp Railway Project made statements about. Stating that the railroad to be built in the Black Sea is the dream of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Kıranlı said that the railway is an unfinished republic project. Anlı Great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk attached more importance to railways than highway. Because smearin the nature of highways, railways wanted to weave a network of railways with Turkey which made for ourselves. But this was done until Samsun. Life after Samsun was not enough. Therefore, the railroad to the Black Sea is Atatürk's dream and an unfinished republic project ”.


Anlı Among the most important means of transportation of the era, rail systems, rail transportation is a right especially for Giresun and Ordu, it is a delayed service, Kır said Kıranlı. Samsun-Sarp High-Speed ​​Railway project will make a significant contribution to the solution of economic problems, especially employment, by changing the fate of our region, both by rail transportation and by high-speed train transportation. Ordu-Giresun International (OGU) Airport, which solved a major problem in terms of transportation Ordu-Giresun, high-speed train will skip the era. Following Ordu-Giresun Airport, Samsun-Sarp Railway and Black Sea-Mediterranean Highway are the most important projects for Ordu, and this geography structure is technically suitable for the rail system. There is no doubt that these projects will contribute to tourism. In addition, Ordu and the Black Sea is a project that will directly affect commercial exchanges. In addition, the fact that we have Ordu and Ünye ports is very important in terms of our maritime trade. It is possible to establish the connection of the Black Sea coastline from one end to the other. Railway Samsun-Sarp Railway Project is the best project to connect the Black Sea from one end to the other. The realization of this project will change the fate of Ordu and Giresun. It will make a significant contribution to the solution of economic problems, especially employment, by means of railway transportation and high speed train transportation to the region. The economic, social, cultural and environmental pressures will be reduced for the other provinces that will emigrate with the reverse migration that will arise due to the employment opportunities it will create. In this case, all of Turkey in terms of a more balanced urbanization, investment in distribution, in terms of life opportunities and social justice will create a more balanced society "found expression.


Kiranlı concluded his words as follows: “There is no doubt that this project will make a great contribution to economic, social, trade and tourism. In order for the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project to be implemented, first of all, neighboring provinces must cooperate with each other. Establishment of public opinion as governorate, political power, public institutions and organizations, written and visual media, non-governmental organizations, industrialists should be put forward as the effort of Giresun-Ordu solidarity for the airport. Now is the time to unite. Let's save our future together. This issue should be included in the headlines of local newspapers of Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin, and public opinion should be established by initiating a signature campaign. Samsun-Ordu-Giresun-Rize-Artvin-Gümüşhane Technicians associations as one heart. Tek (ARMY EVENT)

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