Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Authority Supervises Izmit Bay from the Air

environmental and seismic minister audited the institution izmit korfesi from the air
environmental and seismic minister audited the institution izmit korfesi from the air

Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, announced that they will carry out joint work with the municipality, together with an aircraft that can carry out the necessary criminal action in the entire Marmara Region, with whatever air pollution factor is at sea.

The Authority, which passed from here to the Metropolitan Municipality seaplane parking area, participated in airborne control by plane.

Speaking after the audit, the Authority stated that they had various contacts in Kocaeli today and that they saw the projects on site.

Expressing that he had the opportunity to see all areas related to Kocaeli by sea plane, the Authority said that they examined the garden of the people on site and that they saw it from the air.

The institution stated that they saw the urban transformation area in the Cedit District of Izmit district from the air, and that they will start the important project that will suit Izmit and Kocaeli at the end of the year.

Stating that they also consulted with the management of the removal of the Coalists' OIZ in Dilovası, the Authority said:

“We will rebuild both the area where the OIZ is located and the upper part of the Tavsancil area by making reserve residences. On the one hand, we witnessed control of all areas in our seas, coasts and islands in our Gulf in Kocaeli region by seaplane. Here, we carry out our inspection by our municipality. We carry out inspections of both air and sea pollution of the facilities in the region, from the waste left by our ships, to bilges, to the pollution on the islands. In this context, we have applied 13 million liras of criminal proceedings last year. We will enlarge this region with our work and we will carry out this collaboration with our municipality, together with our aircraft, which can carry out the necessary criminal action from all over the sea in our Marmara Region. Within this framework, we will take steps to keep our seas and shores clean. ”

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