Arçelik Receives TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

The success of arcelik in combating coronavirus has been confirmed
The success of arcelik in combating coronavirus has been confirmed

Taking full steps to protect the health of its employees, customers and business partners with the measures it has taken since the first day of the coronavirus epidemic, Arçelik is entitled to receive the "TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate" for its work. kazanwas.

Turkey brought to being one of the leading companies responsibly health priority of the first order, Arçelik take the measures and precautions at the highest level in all areas since its start of the pandemic continues to implement. All businesses of Arçelik, which have been subjected to detailed inspections by Turkish Standards Institute Experts, received “TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate”.

Fully fulfilling the infection prevention and control procedures determined by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), 9 Arçelik businesses successfully completed the audits without any inconvenience or additional time. Arçelik business campuses, which have undergone detailed control of TSE auditors on many different subjects such as production areas, control of personnel services, trainings for pandemics, waste management, suitability of offices, sterilization of personnel changing rooms, nurseries, cleaning equipment, dining halls, control of service providers, "TSE COVID-19 Right to receive "Safe Production Certificate" kazanwas.

Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant, Eskişehir Compressor Plant, Çayırova Washing Machine Plant, Bolu Cooking Appliance Plant, Ankara Dishwasher Plant, Beylikdüzü Electronics Plant, whose activities have been planned since the beginning of the process, in line with the direction of the Koç Holding Emergency Crisis Coordination Center. Çerkezköy Laundry Dryer Plant, Çerkezköy Electric Motors Plant and Wat Motor A.Ş will continue their production with TSE certificate. The document, which shows that it is produced in accordance with human health, will help consumers to eliminate their reservations about hygiene.

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