Adalar District Governorate Also Wanted Electric Vehicle

islands district governorship also wanted electric vehicle
islands district governorship also wanted electric vehicle

The Adalar District Governorate, which postponed the commissioning of the electric vehicles introduced by IMM on the grounds that they would serve on highways, decided to switch to an alternative non-motorized transportation vehicle in the district in February.

Electric vehicles promoted by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu in Adalar could not start service as they were considered as vehicles serving on highways by the district governorship. However, the lifting of phaetons and the arrival of electric vehicles in Adalar is the result of a planning process of 22 years.

It was determined that IMM decided in 1998 that "An alternative solution should be brought to the Islands by removing the phaetons until 2000".

In the decision taken by the Istanbul V Numbered Cultural Heritage Conservation Regional Board on June 25, 2013, it was said that “In order to produce more permanent solutions to the transportation problems in Adalar district, it was decided to ask for the preparation of a Transport Master Plan in cooperation with the relevant local administrations”.

The 5th article of the decision, which was published after the meeting of Ruam disease on 2020 February 7, is the same as the District Governor of Islands:

“By UKOME, it was decided to switch to an alternative non-motorized vehicle in accordance with the II Traffic Commission Decisions 25.12.1998/98 dated 138 in Adalar district.”

UKOME, which has wide powers on the transportation of Istanbul, has declared all roads of the Islands as "Pedestrian Road" with the decision taken in February. With the decision taken in February, the IMM Assembly unanimously approved that IETT conduct the electric vehicle transportation business in the district.

Currently, there are no license plates, registration and compulsory traffic insurances of electrical vehicles used by public institutions, especially the District Governorate and Municipality, just like the vehicles introduced by IMM.

IMM foresees that this problem will be solved in a short time as specified in the relevant legislation and regulation and the public transportation demands of the people of the Adalar can be met with these electric vehicles in a short time. IMM also takes all necessary initiatives in this regard.



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