Ekrem İmamoğlu Elected, Will Channel Istanbul Project Be Done?

ekrem imamoglu was selected channel istanbul project will be done
ekrem imamoglu was selected channel istanbul project will be done

In his speeches prior to his election, Ekrem İmamoğlu described the Channel Istanbul project as unnecessary. While the new president was Imamoglu, the fate of the project was also a matter of curiosity.

Istanbul Turkey stayed behind to lock the elections. The winner of the elections was Ekrem İmamoğlu, the candidate of the National Alliance. The eyes were turned to the Channel Istanbul project, which is followed closely by all Istanbul residents.

Does Ekrem İmamoğlu Do Channel Istanbul Project?
A new debate has emerged within the Kanal Istanbul project, which the government has consistently announced will begin this year. Because Ekrem İmamoğlu stated that he would not allow the Kanal Istanbul project and found it unnecessary in all his explanations at election time.

Imamoglu said: “This city does not need such a capsule, such a trauma, I do not know. Let's talk about the technical details, but time and not right ”he had repeatedly stated that the project was unnecessary.
Ekrem İmamoğlu's Channel İstanbul Project Statement

Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “This city has no such priority. There is no concept of being in need of this concept. Look, I do research in Istanbul. In this city, 40 close to a thousand buildings have earthquake risk, there is a refugee problem. Believe it, if this city is arbitrary, if we were talking about Channel Istanbul, I say we sit and discuss. Believe me, I'm going to discuss this, I find a single minute empty.

Let's analyze this together. Let me tell you the scientific side of this topic. 3 and 4 billion cubic meters of excavation, with the excavation of the excavation where the projection is not certain projectors produce results.

They say 'Let's make 3 islands in the mouth of Küçükçekmece and the mouth of Lake Büyükçekmece in front of Avcılar.' These are in the project. Where are these islands right on top of the earthquake line belt. This city does not need such a capsule, such trauma, and I do not know. Let's talk about the technical details but it's time and not right.
If a country makes the wrong investment at the wrong time, it will have great problems. Just like today. Perhaps most of the current account deficits stemmed from wrong investments at the wrong time. Many problems arise in terms of cities. Look, this city has to produce at least 50 - 55 kilometers of metro every year. They did not succeed in 3. This is the issue, let's solve this. KarşıI emlakxnumx.co)



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