Do Not neglect to check your tires before summer vacation

Do not forget to check your tires before summer vacation
Do not forget to check your tires before summer vacation

Goodyear, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, offers gold-worthy suggestions for those going on summer holidays. With the closing of schools, Goodyear proposes to prepare for the days when we will start again and to check the tires of the cars that have waited for a long time in the park.

With the arrival of summer, the holiday season is approaching. Drivers will start off to enjoy the holiday. Goodyear, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, warns drivers about choosing summer tires in the summer and gives important tips to those who want to have a safer, more comfortable journey and enjoy summer holidays. It is important for safe driving that the tires of our vehicles, which have been parked for a long time, have been maintained before leaving for the summer holiday.

Recommendations to protect the tires of vehicles parked for a long time before setting off from Goodyear:

  • Winter tires have been developed to provide the best performance in conditions where the air temperature drops below 7 ° C. Summer or all-season tires should be preferred in order to increase both the safe driving, low fuel consumption and tire life with the rising temperature in summer.
  • Before getting into the vehicle, it should be checked if there is a negative situation that may affect your driving safety. In this way, the general condition of the vehicle is observed.
  • Damage to the tire is a factor that threatens road safety. Your tire should be checked for the overall condition before setting off on the long road.
  • Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly. Remember that tires that are not inflated at the specified pressure can both negatively affect your safety and increase fuel consumption.
  • It is important to supplement all fluids in your vehicle, although it is often forgotten. You should check your engine oil regularly, make sure there is enough wiper water, however, you should not forget about brake fluid or engine coolant.
  • In the summer, your battery works harder, so if you have been using it for several years, you may want to have a specialist check it.

In addition, the use of tires suitable for the season is also important for road safety. Summer tires provide good steering and driving control on dry and wet surfaces. Considering that the most fatal accidents occur in dry road sections, it should not be forgotten that the road grip will weaken due to the speed of the tires, and it will be difficult to steer the vehicle, and the limits should not be exceeded.

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Günceleme: 24/06/2020 13:17

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