Goodyear Transport Industry Symposium

At the Goodyear Transport Sector Symposium: The Journey of the Future: Smart Fleets and the Future of the Transport Industry ”introduced the White Paper.
According to the main findings of the newsletter, rule-makers can be more effective for the future of the road transport industry. While the Goodyear White Paper includes new research results, it makes recommendations to European and national policymakers, such as supporting the EU tire label application to create fuel-efficient fleets and raise their potential to higher levels.
According to Goodyear's research, fleet managers believe that legal regulators play a crucial role in the future of the road transport industry. 53% of fleet managers prefer environmentally friendly vehicles and 60% prefer tires that provide fuel efficiency. 11% of managers think that the impact of legal regulations is one of the two most important challenges in the road sector. In addition, three-quarters (74%) of fleet managers believe that reducing fuel taxes will have positive impacts on the road transport industry.
The bulletin "Journey of the Future: Smart Fleets and the Future of the Transport Industry" also includes the following findings:
· The biggest concern of 40% of fleet managers is rising fuel prices.
· Almost all fleet managers (% 92) say their fleet is closely following fuel consumption due to rising fuel costs.
· Two-thirds of the fleet managers (66) provide continuous flow of information to their drivers and devices, helping them to drive more efficiently.
· One fourth of the fleet managers (% 25) stated that the second most important concern is the recruitment and retention of skilled drivers.
"The White Paper, prepared by Goodyear, shows that the road transport industry is willing to be more sustainable," said Michel Rzonzef, Vice President of Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa Region Commercial Tires. Fleets are already investing in the necessary technologies to reduce fuel consumption, but they need more support from European and national law regulators. ”
Opinions on the impact of legal regulations and vehicle technologies on the sustainable success of the transport industry were also shared at the Second Transport Sector Symposium, where Goodyear introduced the findings in the 'White Bulletin' and focused on the future of the road transport industry.
Goodyear's recommendations for legislators in the 'White Paper' are as follows:
· Incentives for fleets with fuel efficiency;
· Promoting the ab tire label;
· Compulsory Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) to improve the fuel efficiency of new commercial vehicles:
· Clarification of rules relating to the weight and volume of commercial vehicles;
· Development of rules for cross-border operations of large vehicles;
· Providing more support for harmonizing their standards of use in order to make the most of new telematics technologies;
· Providing additional support to attract and retain skilled drivers in the road transport industry.
Speaking at the symposium in Brussels, Goodyear Central East Europe and Africa Region President Darren Wells said, “To the future of the road transport industry; we looked through the eyes of fleets that turned their focus on efficiency, innovation and communication. We are proud to present our analysis and solutions on this subject to all stakeholders of the industry. I believe that we can achieve the efficiency level that the industry needs by working together. Goodyear will continue its efforts to ensure that the road transport industry has a sustainable future. ”
Symposium; European Union institutions, high level representatives of sectoral and academic institutions such as Joao Aguiar Machado, General Director of Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, brought together the future of the transport sector to discuss the findings of the Goodyear Bulletin.
The “Journey of the Future Symposium” organized by Goodyear for the second time is an indicator of the company's commitment to its responsibilities as one of the main players in the transportation sector, while emphasizing the support it provides to fleets, the industry and legislators.

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