Experts Evaluate 2020 LGS Questions

experts assessed lgs questions
experts assessed lgs questions

The department coordinators of the Google school GEN Future Generation College, which has a management and expert education staff who have placed 34 thousands of students in the most successful high schools and universities for 100 years, evaluated the 1,5 LGS questions that more than 2020 million students entered today.

The decisive part of the exam was Mathematics

The 2020 LGS exam detailed assessment report of the GEN College Departmental Coordinators, who stated that the Mathematics questions, which are one of the decisive branches in the exam, are difficult, and that they have a balanced distribution of questions from all subjects and are easier than the previous years;


The 2020 LGS Turkish questions about secondary education institutions that will take students with the exam include the first term achievements of the MoNE. No questions were asked apart from the first term acquisitions. Subject distribution of questionsSözcüKte Meaning, Verbal Arts, Meaning in Sentence, Meaning in Paragraph, Verbal Logic - Reasoning, Visual and Graphic Interpretation, Text Types, Filament, Spelling Rules, Punctuation and Elements of the Sentence.

It is seen that 2020 LGS Turkish questions coincide with the sample questions published by the Ministry of Education month by month. As we have previously stated based on our predictions, the questions given by combining visual interpretation and verbal logic gains are outstanding. In the questions recently, the style of giving the necessary precursors with the question, which MEB especially emphasizes, has attracted attention. Another point that comes to the fore is that the questions that can be associated with visual and current life have also taken place in this exam. We can state that it is of medium difficulty in terms of difficulty. Although there are time-consuming questions, there are also questions to be solved in a short time.

We would like to state that in the questions that correspond to the question style of our institution, every student who can correctly interpret what he read can easily reach the result.


2019 - 2020 LGS has math questions, selective questions related to more than one acquisition from MEB first term. Questions are questions that require good reading, correct understanding, correct interpretation and processing skills. In addition, these are questions that will give students time problems. It is a structure associated with current life, which requires analysis and synthesis skills enriched with colorful visuals, and associated with sample questions. In the exam, 4 questions are easy, 6 questions are challenging, and the remaining questions are above the middle. Especially two of these questions require very intensive processing.

In this context, the determining part of the exam, which was found difficult compared to the previous Mathematics questions, was Mathematics.


The Science and Science exam, which focuses on the DNA and Genetic Code unit, has been prepared in accordance with the achievements and the sample questions published by the Ministry of National Education. Requiring to reach the result by examining the experimental data in the exam; there are questions that demand attention, which measure the power of tables, graphics and visual interpretation. The language of the questions is clear and clear. Science questions, we can state that students with the power of reading comprehension will not have difficulties, it is a medium difficulty exam.

Turkish Revolution History and Kemalism

The questions that emerged in line with the first semester achievements of the History of Revolution and Kemalism course were similar to the sample questions published by MEB. In the long paragraph, the questions were included, which both assessed students' knowledge of concept and measured their power to interpret the paragraph. In addition, the questions required to be prepared in a clear and clear manner and required the ability to interpret the information as well as interpret it. However, the map question was not included in the exam. The exam included 3 questions from One Hero is Born unit, 4 in National Awakening: Steps Taken on the Path to Independence, and 3 questions from a National Epic: Istiklal or Death unit.

Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge

The questions related to the branch of LGS Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge were completely to measure the perception and interpretability of the student. It was an exam in which questions were included in line with the achievements of the first semester and questions of memorization and knowledge were not at the forefront. The questions were similar to the sample questions published by MEB. It was seen that there were questions from the first 3 units in the exam and the in-class gains were distributed to the questions comprehensively. In addition, the questions are informational and based on intellectual skills.

The relationship between the verses, hadiths and case studies given in the questions and the subjects was at the forefront. In this way, students are aimed to make inferences suitable for the purpose of the course. The length of the questions was easy to read and understandable. Some questions have a high degree of difficulty, and have prompted students to think and be very careful. It can be said that the decisive problem came from the Destiny and Accident unit.


According to the information we have received from our students, 2019-2020 LGS English questions are in line with the National Education curriculum and achievements, and the questions have been prepared according to the first semester subjects and achievements, except for the 8th Unit 'Chores'. All of the questions are easy and easy to solve. 1 questions from 'Friendship' Unit, 3 from 'Teenlife' unit, 1 from 'In the Kitchen' Unit, 2 from 'On the Phone' unit, 2 from 'The Internet' unit. 1 questions have been prepared from the 9st term subject and achievements and 1 question has been prepared from the 1nd Unit, the 2th Unit, 'Chores'. This question is prepared based on the 8th grade achievements and it is an easy question in a spiral structure that students can easily solve. All questions are unreasonable, reading comprehension questions. Although the exam questions are easy compared to the previous years, considering the 7 questions with negative roots, these questions measure the students' attention and increase their chances of making mistakes.

Another point that stands out in the exam is that, unlike last year's exam, only 1 graphic question was asked this year.

As GEN College Departmental Coordinators, our overall assessment of the exam is that it is an easier test compared to previous years with a balanced distribution of questions from all subjects.

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