Increase Vehicle Inspection Fees ..! So, How Much were Vehicle Inspection Fees?

hike rate to vehicle inspection stations
hike rate to vehicle inspection stations

At the customized vehicle inspection stations, 462 lira for buses, trucks, tractors and tankers, 342 TL for cars, minibuses, vans and special vehicles and land vehicles, and 174 lira for tractors and motorcycles. In addition, vehicles need to pay 68 lira exhaust control fee.

After the hikes to vehicle inspection fees, a passenger vehicle exhaust inspection fee increased to 410 lira.

"There is a compulsory official robbery and profiteering," said CHP Usak Deputy Ozkan Yalim. Yalım also asked for forgiveness of vehicle inspection delay fees.

The delay fee is taken from the vehicles whose inspection period has passed, from the date of validity of the inspection.

The overdue fee is 5% of the inspection fee for each month of inspection period and these amounts are transferred to the Revenue Administration of the Ministry of Finance.

There is no delay fee for the vehicles that have received a withdrawal certificate from the traffic and are taken out to traffic again after a certain period of time, only when they are withdrawn from the traffic and can be documented. In cases where the inspection period cannot be proved, the delay price is collected on the basis of 01.01.2005.

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