Minister Husband explained ..! Continuation of Leagues TFF

fahrettin koca explained the continuation of leagues tff
fahrettin koca explained the continuation of leagues tff

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, Turkey Football Federation (TFF) has met with the Ministry of Health Chairman Nihat Ozdemir.

In his statement, Koca stated that they had met with Özdemir for the first time after the date that football matches could not be played without spectators within the scope of the epidemic measures, and said that Özdemir conveyed information about his plans.

Emphasizing that information about the work of the Ministry and the course of the epidemic was transferred to Özdemir and a situation assessment was made, Koca said:

“We are in a period when the fight against coronavirus is still the main agenda item in the whole society and other issues are handled according to the criteria of pandemic measures. In today's meeting, there was no concrete demand for the continuation of the competitions. No suggestions were made in any direction by us. Our meeting was realized for the purpose of consultation, not for a request and preparation for the decision.

The issue of continuation of the leagues is a decision that our football federation will take with its own will. Upon request, the Committee of Science can be informed about the precautions to be taken in terms of health and can be reported to the federation. I present my love to football fans, who postponed their enthusiasm in the process we are in, and now see that some rules of the game have changed in life. ”

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