What is the 2020 Direct Supply Limit?

what is the direct supply limit
what is the direct supply limit

2020 Direct Supply Limits were announced as 97.008 TL in Metropolitan Municipality Borders and 32.316 TL in Other Regions (Outside Metropolitan Municipality Borders).

“Metropolitan Direct Supply”

“Municipality Direct Supply”

These direct supply limits It is valid in the following transactions;

  • Purchase of goods,
  • Construction Work,
  • Procurement of services,
  • Consultancy Service Procurement

Direct Supply

In the direct supply method; It is possible to procure it by conducting a price research in the market by the person or persons to be appointed by the tender authority, without announcement, without guarantee, without having to set up a tender commission and to search the qualification criteria specified in the Public Procurement Law. However, some amount limits have been imposed on this supply procedure. Direct supply 2020 limits-threshold values ​​are the limit values ​​determined for this year.

In the cases specified in the Public Procurement Law, the procedure where the needs, technical conditions and price can be obtained directly by discussing the bidders invited by the administration, is specified as the Direct Procurement Procedure.

With the direct procurement method, administrations are provided convenience from many transactions and purchase times that are required to be made in accordance with the tender procedures.

Direct Supply Threshold Values 2020

Public Procurement Notification is published in January every year and direct procurement limits for that year are announced. As explained above, the amounts announced for direct procurement limits for 2020 have been announced as TL 97.008 and TL 32.316. These limits will be valid until the new direct supply limits to be announced in 2021.

Where Direct Supply Method can be Applied

Work / service and consultancy with direct procurement are carried out in accordance with the following articles of the Public Procurement Law.

  • 22 / a - Determining That The Need Can Only Be Met By A Real Or Legal Entity
  • 22 / b - Only Real or Legal Entity Has a Special Right to Needs
  • 22 / c-Receiving Goods and Services to Ensure Standardization and Compatibility with Existing Goods, Equipment, Technology or Services
  • 22 / d - Purchases of Accommodation, Travel and Food to be Made within the Scope of Administration's Spending and Representation Hospitality
  • 22 / Purchase or lease of immovable property suitable for the needs of the administrations.
  • 22 / f-Purchases of Healthcare Materials and Patient-Specific Medical Consumables, Testing and Examination Consumables that will be Unavailable or Used in Emergency Situations
  • 22 / g - Procurement of services to be made from Turkish or foreign lawyers or attorneyships to represent and defend administrations within the scope of the Law in cases related to disputes that are foreseen to be resolved through international arbitration.
  • In accordance with Articles 22 and 8 of Law No. 1, dated 1943 / h-4353/22/36, purchases of services from Turkish or foreign lawyers and the service purchases to ensure the registration of intellectual and industrial property rights before national and international organizations.
  • 22 / I-Turkey of the Employment Agency, 25 dated and 6 numbered Law Article 2003 (b) and (c) 4904 with services received regarding the duties enumerated in paragraphs dated 3 of Article 25 of the Unemployment Insurance Act Service purchases regarding their duties listed in the seventh paragraph,
  • 22 / ii) (Annex: 20/11 / 2008-5812 / 8 art .; Amendment: 19/11 / 2013-6504 / 1 art.) Public election of the President, presenting the laws regarding the Constitutional amendments to the public, general and midterm elections. , local administrations and neighborhood headmen and old delegations during the general and mid-term periods, purchasing watermarked paper and watermarked envelope paper for the needs of the Supreme Election Board, printing of voting envelopes and purchasing all kinds of election materials for these elections. election expenditures, purchase of ballot papers printing services to be taken by the provincial election boards.

In cases listed in the Public Procurement Law, the tender procedures; it is possible to supply the need directly without complying with the provisions of open tender procedure, tender procedure and bargaining procedure among certain tenderers. The reason for this disability is “providing convenience in meeting the needs”.

Purchases of Goods or Services and Works of Construction are not divided into sections in order to stay below the Direct Supply Threshold.

Direct Supply Limit Values ​​for 2020

In the process of direct procurement, it is not possible to make a prohibition decision in the presence of prohibited acts and behaviors listed in Article 17 of the Public Procurement Law. In the tender legislation, the information and documents required for the determination of the economic and financial competence and professional and technical competencies of the tenderers are counted in order to ensure that the tenderers capable of doing the work participate in the tenders. (Source : insapedi to)

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