Terrible Confession From TCDD! We are not aware of the status of bridges and culverts

We are not aware of the condition of the confessions and culverts that are scary of tcdd
We are not aware of the condition of the confessions and culverts that are scary of tcdd

In an internal correspondence in TCDD, there were confessions in Çorlu, where about 2 people died in a train accident, that even invited new disasters. In the correspondence in question, it was emphasized that the status of the bridges and culverts on the line is unknown.

According to the news of Seyhan Avşar from Cumhuriyet newspaper, 22 months have passed since the train accident in Çorlu. However, it turned out that the bridges and culverts on the line where the massacre took place may cause a new accident.

TCDD General Directorate, which made internal correspondence on this subject, did not know what condition the bridges and culverts were in, according to the climatic conditions. kazansymptoms that may occur. In correspondence, it was requested that road guards be appointed because it takes 3 years to make repairs on culverts and bridges, but this time is long. However, in the internal correspondence, it was noted that there were only 4 road watchmen on the kilometers long road and 67 more guards were needed. It was noteworthy that despite the 22 months that passed since the massacre, the deficiencies were not completed.


In the official letter sent by the General Directorate of TCDD Operations to the TCDD 25st Regional Directorate Railway Maintenance Service on December 2019, 1, it was not known whether the bridges and culverts were suitable, despite the flow that would occur in a heavy rain. It was stated that the changing climatic conditions, sudden floods and floods may endanger the safety of life and property by rail management. It was also stated that bridges and culverts could be damaged by earthquakes that would be the region's earthquake zone. It was stated in the article that it would take 1-3 years to repair the bridges and culverts, and it was requested that these areas be kept under observation by the personnel.


The response to this article was answered by TCDD 15. Regional Directorate on January 2020, 1. The regional directorate stated that it is necessary to demonstrate the necessary diligence for the regular inspection and checks, to assign the necessary personnel to keep the line under surveillance, to complete the missing personnel and to take the services from third parties if needed. Thus, TCDD 3. Regional Directorate asked for the completion of the shortage of personnel to control the roads.


The reply to the letter of TCDD 1st Regional Directorate was given on May 8, 2020. In the article, which stated that there are 4 road guards on hundreds of km of railway lines, it was noted that personnel should be recruited because 67 more personnel are needed. It is not yet known whether the necessary personnel has been recruited or not.

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  1. Do not appoint a manager externally to the railroads. From the general manager to the branch manager, specialist technical staff should be appointed from within the institution.