Mosques Open to Worship with Friday Prayer

mosques in dosemealtin opened to worship with friday prayer
mosques in dosemealtin opened to worship with friday prayer

Corona virus outbreak within the scope of measures closed to prayer in congregation on March 16 mosques were opened with the Friday prayers in the central district of Antalya Döşemealtı as well as all over Turkey today.

Mosques and masjids, which have been closed since 16 March due to corona virus measures, were opened for worship with the Friday prayer 74 days later. In order to perform the Friday prayer, citizens kept their ranks in the courtyards of 62 mosques throughout the district, especially the Museum Concept Central Mosque, which was designed and built by Döşemealtı Municipality.

Döşemealtı Municipality allowed the community to worship in a hygienic environment by carrying out disinfection work inside and outside all mosques and masjids in line with the information coming from the Provincial and District Mufti. Social spaces were created for Friday prayers performed in the courtyard of the mosque, citizens used masks and prayer rugs brought with them.

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