First Train Journey Will Be Made After Two Months Between Damascus Aleppo

The first train journey will be made after two months between Sam Halep
The first train journey will be made after two months between Sam Halep

Syrian Railways Director Necip El Fares stated that 90 percent of the railroads between Aleppo and Damascus, which were destroyed by the militants, were repaired, and they hope that the journey by train will begin on the rail two months later.

Speaking to reporters, El Fares said, “We have now completed the repair almost completely, about 90 percent of the road between the two provinces has been completed. We will start the first train journey in a month or two ”.

El Fares stated that the journey in the direction of Aleppo-Damascus or vice versa takes four hours by train.

El Fares stated that after the Syrian government forces neutralized the terrorists around Aleppo, it was understood that most of the road was destroyed, and that the terrorists did not harm the road but also took the rails.

El Fares also added that the masters were trying to collect electric trains and diesel locomotives with old parts, but that they had trouble with the engine, hoping that Russia would help.

'Trains are Disinfected Against Coronavirus'

According to El Fares, only 20 kilometers of the railway, up to the Cebrin station, are now operational. Workers and students going to Aleppo use this road. Two trains depart one day in the morning and one in the afternoon. Measures against coronavirus are also not forgotten and trains are disinfected after each trip.

'Work is Continuing Across the Country'

Engineer Safan Kadur, who took part in the repair works, stated that the works on repairing railways are continuing all over the country.

Kadur said, “We repair all trains for our country. Many things are missing. We collect old pieces. Trains are now operating in Humus, Hama and Latakia. Now we are making a special train for Damascus from the wagons that are available. ” (Source: sp.nikniknews)

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