Id take Turkey's Foreign Trade Sector of the Limancılık

Id take the foreign trade of the port sector turkiyenin
Id take the foreign trade of the port sector turkiyenin

The most important component of the port sector bringing together under the umbrella of Turkey Port Operators Association of Turkey's maritime trade and import-export process (TÜRKLİM), by addressing the port business as an ecosystem, is the measure regularly with field work.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TÜRKLİM has been appointed by TÜRKLİM expert advisors until December 2020 to evaluate the general situation of the industry. Ersel Zafer ORAL and Dr. Soner will share the monthly COVID-19 Pandemic Process Economic Impact Analysis Report (*) to be prepared by ESMER with its members and the public.

The part of the report prepared for the period of March and April 2020 has been published recently. TÜRKLİM President M. Hakan Genç commented on the report and the situation of the sector. Especially in the last 10 years, indicating that Turkey harbors a quantitative and qualitative increase occurred young, naturally affected by the pandemic Turkey drew attention to gather strength in a short period of port business. Have become more multipolar supply chain in the new normal, the state's support, can live their golden years in Turkey's field of port operations representing Young, "ports with highways and railways in the country between we make investments to provide logistics integrity of the angle multi-modal perspective, can translate cyclical developments opportunity, We can become a playmaker country in the field of port management. ”

While partial decreases were experienced in port operations, increases were observed in places…

Evaluating the report's March and April results, TÜRKLİM Chairman Hakan Genç stated that there was no significant difference in the ports in March due to the delayed reflection of the developments in foreign trade in the ports, but there was a significant decrease in the number of ships arriving in the ports in April 2020.

'Our port has a very important and active role in the foreign trade of our country, Covidien-19 process in the responsibility on with the support of dedicated employees adequately instead of bringing' said Young, Turkey's foreign trade, which stood the other transport channel or continue through ports at the point where restricted "Our ports have continued without interruption with the measures they have taken against COVID-19, and most importantly, they set an example for other sectors." Young emphasized the importance of delivering vital products such as medicines, medical supplies and food to people through ports during this period. Genç said, “Due to the agreements made in the previous months and the only logistic alternative of the ports operating in March, partial decreases were experienced in port operations, and even increases were observed in places. However, our cruise ports were most affected due to the fact that tourism and passenger transportation came to a halt. ”

'Turkey, according to the Port of Covidien-19 Economic Impact Analysis, Covidien-19 due to the change in the number of vessels calling to the previous month, compared harbor with April as evaluating Young spoke as follows: "The biggest decline cruise in the port serving ships with the 80 percent rate it is experienced. 78 percent of Ro-Ro terminals, 50 percent of container terminals, 46 percent of dry bulk terminals and 30 percent of general cargo terminals have also indicated numerical decreases in ship stops. The rate of ports, which declared a decrease in liquid bulk ship calls in April, remained at only 19 percent. The proportion of the ports that state that there is no change in the number of calls in the ports that answer the survey is 41 percent for general cargo ships, 38 percent for liquid bulk ships, 33 percent for container ships and 29 percent for dry bulk cargo. ”

The importance of concepts such as isolated life and social distance with COVID-19 kazanMentioning that there were also changes in the employment of personnel in the port and port-related activities during this period, Genç continued as follows: “In order to control the epidemic, people over a certain age and people with chronic diseases should be withdrawn from business life for a while, redundant personnel at the ports. Until we get through this period, it was necessary to take annual leaves, switch to flexible working hours, and implement a partial working system.

'Turkey Port by Covidien-19 Economic Impact Analysis, in 64 percent of the port in March has been no change in the white-collar staffing. In terms of blue-collar workers, it is stated that 69 percent of our ports are subcontracted for subcontractors and 67 percent for port workers. Road logistics companies were the least affected in terms of employment due to the working conditions of truck drivers. For April, according to the assessment of the ports surveyed, 50 percent of the surveyed ports did not change the employment regime for white collar personnel. In terms of blue collar, it is stated that employment is normal in 50 percent of the participating ports for port workers and 46 percent of the participant ports for subcontractors in ports. It is stated that 26 percent of the ports participating in the study experienced a reasonable decrease in the employment of white collar employees. The rate of ports stating that blue-collar port workers have decreased reasonably in their ports is 29 percent, while the rate of ports reporting that blue-collar subcontractor port workers have decreased reasonably is 23 percent. ”

* 'COVID-19 Pandemic Process Economic Impact Analysis Report' which includes the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak in March and April. I TÜRKLİMYou can reach the website of.

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