Feast Enthusiasm with Online Treasure Hunt on May 19

feast of joy with mayista online treasure hunt
feast of joy with mayista online treasure hunt

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality brings the joy of May 19 to the houses during the corona days. In addition to many events to be published on digital platforms, it also organizes a competition called Online Treasure Hunt.

7 hours 19 minutes Online Treasure Hunt aims to have a pleasant holiday in the homes of all Izmir residents, especially young people. The competition is based on the principle of deciphering the ciphers prepared with various file formats such as pictures, videos, text and performing the task to be given after each decryption. There is no age limit in the competition.

Starts at 12.00 and ends at 19.09

The competition will start on May 19, at 12.00, when İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer shares the first password from his social media account. Those who want to participate in the contest will first have to decrypt this password. Those who decipher the password and enter it in the address bar will be connected to the website of the contest, thus gaining the right to participate in the contest. Contestants will need to decipher a total of 10 passwords and complete a task that does not require going out after each password to complete the contest. Contestants will also be asked to prove that the task has been accomplished by video or photo. Those who make political, sexual or religious discourses or jokes on these issues will be disqualified while performing these duties. The competition will end at 19.19.

First place ipad second place bike

Among the competitors who have completed all the passwords, the top three competitors will be rewarded. The first will be given to ipad, the second to bicycle, and the third to camp set. In the mission reward, there will be no time assessment, and the Bluetooth Speaker will be given to the competitor who completes all the tasks in the best way. The winners will be announced within 1 week at the latest depending on the intensity of the participation. The photographs and videos taken by the contestants to prove that they have completed the tasks will be used in a promotional film to be prepared later.



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