Social Distance and Mask Control with the drone

Social Distance and Mask Control with the drone
Social Distance and Mask Control with the drone

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has signed an innovative study on the use of masks and social distance rule, which are among the biggest measures against the new type of Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak. Metropolitan's teams warn crowds with drone speakers, warning those who go without a mask for a mask.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey and the world of work without interrupting the pace continues to struggle with the effects under field Corona Virus. In this context, Metropolitan, banks, ATMs, PTTs, bakeries, shopping malls will alert citizens by announcing with air drones in order to obey the frequently forgotten mask use and social distance rules in crowds in the streets. The drone teams will control the streets and drones with drones.


The Mayor Fatma Sahin in a statement on the issue, noting that getting a good practice for Turkey, "If possible, stay in residence, wearing the mask to protect and have to leave from the exit. Therefore, we send this message with the drone in all cities where social life is strong. We say, keep your mask on for your children, for your families, for the city, for the world. So it was a work we created with this drone system. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we have combined the software we made with the drones we bought and now warn citizens in the air. The drone has a thermal camera, we can directly see and warn someone who doesn't wear a mask. These voice messages will continue on all streets. A good practice for Turkey. Our goal is to have a double feast, we will continue to work for our people. ”

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