Ekrem İmamoğlu Istanbul Bus Station Heralded

ekrem imamoglundan istanbul otogari herald
ekrem imamoglundan istanbul otogari herald

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluexamined the renovation works in the Great Istanbul Bus Terminal, which has become the nightmare of the citizens in its derelict state in the past years. İmamoğlu said, “We will have transformed the forgotten Istanbul Bus Terminal into a social space that both serves the transportation sector and integrates with the city. In other words, we are enjoying the pleasure of presenting a lost area of ​​400 thousand square meters to Istanbul again.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluhad visited the bus station 18 times at different times, the first of which was on July 2019, 3. Witnessing the negative views especially on the lower floors, İmamoğlu said, “I am uncomfortable. My child does not enter such a place, my wife does not. How can the children and spouses of 16 million Istanbulites enter here? Either my child or someone else's spouse, no one's family can enter. There is a problem with peace here. This place has lost its function now,” he said.


Imamoglu examined the works at the Grand Istanbul Bus Station, one of the city's bleeding wounds for many years. Mayor of Bayrampaşa Atila Aydıner, İBB senior management and İBB Assembly CHP Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı accompanied İmamoğlu on his study trip. İmamoğlu received information about the works from the Bus Station General Manager Fahrettin Beşli; He visited the station building, towers, platforms, repair and maintenance center, Hamidiye Street and logistics areas and inspected the works on site. Greeting the workers, İmamoğlu evaluated the study tour with a brief explanation in the renewed logistics area of ​​the bus station, which has become the fearful dream of Istanbulites over the years.


Emphasizing that they care about the bus station, İmamoğlu said, “Nobody is aware of it; but this is a center with a population density and arrival-departure as much as Istanbul Airport. Another feature is in the heart of the neighborhoods. In the middle of Bayrampaşa and Esenler. Unfortunately, the old version of this place also affects the society. Some roots around it became the center of habits. We have been feeling the change since the first day we tried to take over this place, discuss it with artisans, talk and try to compromise. ”

Stating that a very good point has been reached now, İmamoğlu continued: “Friends, they will train many physical works, especially some services related to asphalt, painting and transportation until the holiday. Unfortunately, the elimination and destruction of areas that are not known even in the past and used for different purposes; It means both saving such a place in the name of the city and affecting its surroundings positively. We will not stop here. Our precious manager presented the above beauties to us; but below we know that the people of the city use this place as a city station. The metro line passes here. Therefore, we create very contemporary environments in the entrance and exit of this station. Even the current change has made many people happy, but more will come. ”


Reminding that there is a serious population in the districts around the bus station, İmamoğlu completes his explanation by saying “Citizens will be engaged with the square and some elements that they will use in culture-art and some activity points” as follows:

“In fact, we will have transformed the forgotten Istanbul Bus Station into a social space that both serves the transportation sector and integrates with the city. In other words, we are enjoying the gift of 400 thousand square meters of lost space to Istanbul again. In fact, 'What if you don't look, what happens if you look' is a great example. If you look at the bond, the interest that has not been shown for 15-20 years, we have seen what kind of change happened when it was shown in a year. I'm happy. Of course I know the happiness of the shopkeepers here. The trades are closed due to the pandemic and the curfew. But when it is completely over, we will come here again and share this happiness. I am now enjoying the gift of a multi-identity space. I wholeheartedly thank all our fellow travelers, our allies, and our co-workers. May Allah dissolve the whole; little is left. ”


İmamoğlu, who passed to Beyoğlu after his investigations at the Great Istanbul Bus Station, was accompanied by Ertan Yıldız and Yiğit Duman, İBB President Consultants. Visiting the construction of Kiptaş Van Blocks in Piyalepaşa District, İmamoğlu received information about the works from the General Manager of Kiptaş Ali Kurt.

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