Drones are the Safest Way to Deliver Medical Supplies in Combating Covid-19

Drones are the fastest and most effective way to deliver medical supplies
Drones are the fastest and most effective way to deliver medical supplies

The whole world is fighting a great war against the virus named COVID-11.000, which killed about 19 people in these difficult times.

Spread on six continents, this virus mostly affected America, Italy, Germany and Spain. States have implemented emergency plans to slow the spread of the virus.

In these days when staying at home and increasing social distance is essential, Italy and Spain announced a quarantine decision across the country.

The drones, which were tested in China, the country where the epidemic first started, and seen as the most innovative solution by the European Public Safety and Health Institutions, are used in many different areas during these difficult days.

China; It carries out the necessary deliveries to the areas that have been potentially infected for a long time with the help of drones. The leading drone brand DJI and DJI's several select partners from all over the world are testing the technological and operational challenges that push the boundaries.

Drones deliver the following deliveries in many different parts of the world.

Used in Italy for virus testing and drug delivery

Drones deliver safe medical supplies to scientists and doctors who fight the virus at the forefront. In Naples, Italy, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and Monaldi Hospital first tested drones for medical supplies delivery with Elite Consulting, one of DJI's authorized partners, last November.

DJI's Matrice 210 V2 model drone is used in the delivery of patient blood samples, virus test sticks and essential drugs in a special box. The delivery time, which is currently 35 minutes, is reduced to 3 minutes thanks to drones and delivery takes place in potentially infected areas without human contact.

Eliminates traffic problem in Mexico

According to researches, citizens in Mexico, the country with the highest traffic in the world, spend about 45 days in traffic every year. Especially in emergency situations, drone deliveries are made to hospitals in the country against the traffic problem, which poses a high risk for patient health.

The DJI Matrice 200 Series V2 model drones deliver the materials needed by doctors for critical surgeries directly from the warehouse to the receiver.

ISSTE Bicentenario Hospital, one of Mexico's largest hospitals, was the first to use drones that reduced delivery time by 80%.

Delivers medical supplies to people receiving insufficient health care in the Dominican Republic
People living in mountainous areas in the Dominican Republic and in some areas where transportation to hospitals take a lot of time, can not receive health care as required. Since the existing hospitals do not have sufficient infrastructure to treat all patients who need treatment, patients often have to go to other hospitals in nearby cities.

WeRobotics and DR Dron Innovation Center, a non-profit organization, took the first step towards solving this problem by implementing the 'Flying Lab' program. DJI Matrice 10 PRO drones deliver 600 kilograms of blood samples and test kits per flight, as part of an agreement with regional hospitals closest to 6 km away.

The Importance and Future of Drone Delivery in the Healthcare Industry

With more than twenty drone delivery projects to date, drone-based medical deliveries will become a constantly rising trend worldwide in the coming years.

The importance of drone use, which minimizes human contact and the risk of contamination, is undeniable in hospital deliveries in countries that have been quarantined recently due to the virus outbreak, the greatest enemy of humanity.

During these difficult days, DJI constantly updates the COVID-19 page and provides information about cases and developments around the world.

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