TCDD Transferred Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project to AYGM

tcdd bursa handed over the high speed train project to the device
tcdd bursa handed over the high speed train project to the device

Just like yesterday… On December 12, 2012, a cold winter day Passage at the exit Mudanya Road 'from the Start 'When we gathered with great enthusiasm at the construction site at the entrance, we were warm.

That day…

Bursa'while laying the foundation for the next high speed train, “Bursaers will be able to travel by high-speed train in 2016” He was described. We were all excited.

It has been 8 years since laying the foundation and 4 years after the target. our hands half tunnels and there are viaducts. Some departments have never even started.

So, yet train rail we couldn't see it either.

In the past process…

There were difficulties caused by the land, economic crises exploded. All accepted, but Fast train promised to Bursa We are not tired of waiting.

The resulting disruptions so far, tolcu transportation and railway management working in the fields TCDDfor the first time undertaking direct project implementation experience to tie tolerant We looked at.


Despite the upsetting delay, promising developments have always been.

So much so…

TCDDof our project fast train removed from the category high standard railway line We are not even obliged to take it to status.


This, as the freight train will also work a technical detail in the search for international credit we accepted and rate will not change We were accepted with the explanations.


In these columns on March 15, 2020 “Don't get upset, but our train

now it is stuck to 'external credit limits' ” We announced the development with the title.


Treasure'after he didn't give that approval our train There was another important development concerning boss of work changed. Project TCDDtaken from and Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments'what was transferred.

Surprise development…

Ankara'da involved talked with friends. TCDDproject AYGM 'to transfer “A technical decision to speed up the process and increase interlocutors for new foreign loan searches” The hope of friends who interpreted as:

“It may be that time is looking for an external loan, but once you find it, the project goes very quickly. AYGM provides this coordination. ”

This is the final situation.

Realization Rate of the Project is Low

From time to time… Of the train project Bursa-Yenisehir We read that the construction realization rate in the line reached 70 percent.

The next table reveals different information:

At the groundbreaking point Bursa Railway Station 'has no more projects. After the exit point first target range one Ring road on you Piled 'Infrastructure construction up to 60% was realized.

the post Seymen Tunnel '50 percent of how much of the part could be made. superstructure there.

Yenişehir Plain 'na has not been entered yet.

TCDD Surprise: Puts East Station on High Speed ​​Train Project

At the beginning of the project… For those living in the east of the city transport to train for Ring road'nun Gürsu at the border East Station He was put. This station was Mayor of Gürsu one Orhan Özcü 'It was on the agenda at the insistence of.


The place where the station is considered to be greenhouses and agricultural lands, Gursu 'the road to be made from the agricultural lands objections from the city has been given up on, Strawy'An area near the junction of the connecting road from “Reserves to build stations in the future” He was determined.

At the point Gelin

Especially freight train when we gain weight Bursa'second largest of OSBhave Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone transport of its products, as well as for those living in the east of the city East Station came on the agenda again.

To our ear ...

TCDDby adding to the project General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments'what he transferred East Station 'nun Piled-spindle is the came to be between.

Tunnel-Bend Criterion for Station Location

Ankara'According to friends in, “The population in the east of the city can reach the train in a short time instead of going to Geçit. for TCDD added by General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments'what was transferred to the project East Station The place is located regionally.


Piled-spindle is the is being pointed out.


The speed of the train and the freight train braking distances because of tunnels ve intersections Decisive criterion for station locations. Now in this direction station location To be determined. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Olay)



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