Stray Animals Having Difficulty in Finding Food

interior ministry did not forget stray animals
interior ministry did not forget stray animals

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has sent a new circular to the 81 Provincial Governorships for stray animals who have difficulty in finding food due to a new type of coronavirus epidemic. In the circular on street animals, from the governorships; It was requested that food, feed, food and water should be regularly given to the points identified in the living areas of park animals, parks, gardens, especially animal shelters, disinfection of animal habitats and increasing the sensitivity of citizens on this issue.

In the circular sent by the Ministry to the governorships, it was stated that many measures have been taken so far in order to manage the risk of coronavirus epidemics in terms of public health, and to establish social isolation by reducing social mobility and human contact.

It was stated that the areas where people are located are taken under control with these measures, which mostly establish social isolation, and for this purpose, restrictions are also made in places such as restaurants, restaurants and cafeterias.

On the other hand, the coronavirus epidemic has a negative impact not only on human life but also on the lives of street animals. In order to ensure social isolation, the daily conditions of daily life change and the consumption capacity of the places where food and beverage services are served, the difficulty of finding food in terms of street animals, especially animal shelters, due to the decrease in consumption capacity. It was stated that it appeared.

In the Circular, it was requested to take necessary measures to prevent stray animals, which may have difficulty in finding food, by coordination with governmental / district governorships and local governments, especially the relevant public institutions and organizations.

Accordingly, food, feed, food and water will be regularly left at the points identified in the living areas of street animals such as parks and gardens, especially animal shelters. The areas needed will be disinfected and citizens' sensitivity in this regard will be increased.

Within the framework of these measures, the Ministry asked the governors and district governors to carry out the necessary planning, coordination and implementation in full, in cooperation with other institutions and organizations related to local administrations, agriculture and forestry provincial directorates.

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