Izmir residents stay at home Izmir's roads are renewed

izmir residents stay at home
izmir residents stay at home

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Izmir residents stay at their homes following the calls, while the Metropolitan Municipality renews the streets and streets of the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which has been vacated.

When the streets were emptied due to the coronavirus epidemic that threatened the world, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality accelerated the road renewal works in many parts of the city. The teams affiliated to Izbeton, one of the affiliates of the Metropolitan City, started to renovate the roads in the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar.

Teams intervened at points that negatively affect vehicle and pedestrian traffic deformed due to intensive use and seasonal conditions. Paving, slate and concrete parts were repaired, roads were renewed.

Teams pay maximum attention to safe distance during their work.

The streets and streets that have been studied in Kemeraltı Bazaar are as follows:

Anafartalar Street, Mücibur Rahman Street, 870 Street, 865 Street, 866 Street, 863 Street, 920/1 Street, 935 Street, 855 Street, 856 Street, 928 Street, 919 Street, 899 Street, 901 Street, 909 Street, 904 Street , 913 Street, 912 Street, 920 Street, 919/1 Street, 899/1 Street, 1315 Street and 1313 Street.

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