Chaos Continues at Uludağ Ski Center

📩 24/11/2018 14:01

Chaos Continues at Uludağ Ski Center: With the opening of the ski season in Uludağ, one of the favorite places of winter tourism, the problems have surfaced once again.

CHP Bursa deputy Turhan Tayan, who stated that they have made Uludağ the uninhabitable in general and local power, said,, Those who do not see that Uludağ is a ski resort are directing and directing Uludağ as meat-mangal promenade. Touristic hotels in the region of the fairgrounds are not established, highland tourism and ski tourism will not be in the same place, Turistik he said.

With the opening of the ski season in Uludağ, one of the most popular attractions of winter tourism, the problems once again surfaced. Turhan Tayan made a statement on the subject, Uludağ'in 'National Park in the' Ski and Holiday Center 'for those who forget, Uludag'i fountain and promenade built for a day trip said they had converted.


For the 13 years, those in power should determine the authorities and responsible of Uludağ in a very short time. Tayan said, gerekti These officials and responsible people should organize a promenade area outside the ski resorts and hotels in Uludağ. The road, parking and stopover places of the promenade area should be arranged and the authorized and responsible people of the life order of Uludağ should be determined. It is not enough just to put a sign 'forbidden'.


Tuba stated that neither the hotels nor the visitors of Uludağ were satisfied with the curcuna from Uludag and the other people were not satisfied with the day.
I 13 has not been able to do general and local power for a year to evaluate Uludag, where one arrives does not want to come. Going to Uludağ and going are no problem, the problem is to live in Uludağ according to the purpose of arrival. The scheme and facilities are non-existent hotels and service to the ski resort is reasonable. Skiing tourists coming from Yenişehir Airport from Russia to Ukraine do not come again because they are not satisfied with the landscape they see. They prefer Bulgaria. Tourism in the fairgrounds, you will not ski. There is no fairground in the touristic hotels. Highland tourism and ski tourism will not be in the same place. Yay
Governor of the Governorate and the municipality should be at least a few of the chaos by allocating to the campaigners said that the deputy of Bursa, the interested parties to visit the ski resorts and advanced highland tourism centers and proposed to increase their knowledge.