New trend Erzurum

📩 24/11/2018 14:01

The new trend Erzurum: While the winter season, transportation in many cities adversely affects the education life, the faces are laughing with white veil in Erzurum. The white snow cover in Erzurum, which is on the way to become the center of winter tourism, welcomes local and foreign tourists for ski tourism in Palandöken.

Turkey, soaking up the feeling midwinter, so the interest in a ski center in Erzurum, the name frequently talked recently with one of our artıyor.yenilikç moves this province. Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, who has been in the eyes of everyone with his services since he took office, said that he would be pleased to host local and foreign tourists in the city.


Expressing that Uludağ is the preferred choice of domestic skiers until today, Sekmen said, “We have shown that we are ambitious in skiing and we will continue to show. Our hotels are enthusiastic to host ski lovers. The number of ski lovers coming to the city is increasing day by day. We are very pleased with this. ”
Expressing that the interest in the leading branches of skiing such as ice skating, this hockey, curling, and sled in the city has also grown as an avalanche, Sekmen said, "Our halls are sparkling and the little athletes in it work hard as tomorrow's medal hunters."

Saying that the city has turned white with the last snowfall, Mehmet Sekmen said, “Skiing is a necessity in the Dadaş land, first of all,” saying “Human cannot stop playing sports against this landscape”.


While the winter season, transportation in many cities affect education life negatively, the faces are laughing with white veil in Erzurum. The white snow cover in Erzurum, which is on the way to become the center of winter tourism, welcomes local and foreign tourists for ski tourism in Palandöken.

With its experience in Universiade 2011, Erzurum has many facilities in terms of winter tourism. Erzurum, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Curling, Short Track, as well as the opportunity to do activities in this area of ​​our country is one of the most popular sports cities.

That the international ski competitions with Turkey's longest runway occupancy Palandöken Ski Center Located in the face of laugh.

Mehmet Sekmen, the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Erzurum, opened in the winter season with the international festival organized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality under the name of Winterfest, states that great opportunities are waiting for those who want to invest in winter tourism. Stating that they aim to double their bed capacity with investments such as Boutique hotels and resorts in Erzurum, which will also complete the winter season with a festival, Sekmen emphasizes that Erzurum is the easiest city to reach tourist facilities.


Erzurum will this year also host to many unknown different winter festival in Turkey. Famous climbers from 16 countries will participate in the Ice Climbing Festival, which will be held with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality. The climb, which will take place in approximately 21 natural ice waterfalls that occur naturally around Uzundere and Tortum districts between January 25-20, is unique in the world as it has options between 20 and 90 meters in height.

Turkey Everest twice different route from climbing the first Turkish and 8000 meters in elevation on Earth of 14 mountains in 10 patients escalating single Turkish Mountaineers Bronze Nuts, Everest climbing the first Turkish woman to climb Eylem Elif Mavis, the champion of Russia climb Roman Abildaev, Iran ' Azim Gheichizas, World Mountaineering Federation Ice Climbing Youth Commission President Israfil Asshurly, Nepalese female mountaineer Maya Sherpa climbing K2, Italian famous woman ice climber Anna Toretta and her partner Spanish woman ice climber Cecilia Paul at the festival. Those who follow the festival under the supervision of Search and Rescue Nature Sports Club will experience ice climbing in 20-meter frozen waterfalls.


Right after this event, Erzurum Short Course Speed ​​Skating will host the World Cup. The 6th Stage of the Short Track, which will be organized in partnership with the Ice Skating Federation and Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, will take place between 13 and 15 February 2014 at the Yenişehir Ice Rink with a capacity of 2000 spectators. Another Yenişehir 500-seat capacity Ice Rink Hall next to the Ice Rink will be used for training / camping.

The organization consists of the 6 Phase;
Salt Lake (America), Montreal (Canada), Shanghai (China), Seoul (South Korea), Dresden (Germany) and 6th Final will take place in Erzurum. Athletes from around 25 countries are expected to attend.
With this and similar organizations, the vision of “Erzurum Will Be a World City in Sport”, which has been voiced by President Mehmet Sekmen since the day he took office, will be one step closer.