Golden Horn Metro Award of the Year

Award of the Year to the Golden Horn Metro: It was awarded first prize in the “International Genoese Sur Crossing Project” in the international tunneling awards given by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality International Tunneling Association (ITA).
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality European Side Rail System Directorate was awarded the first prize in the "International Genoese Surpass Crossing Project" at the international tunneling awards given by the International Tunneling Association (ITA) in London, which organizes world tunneling congresses.
The award was awarded with the title the Save the History “in the In Environmental Initiative of the Year” category. The award-winning project received great praise from the international jury.
Historic Genoese Sur Wall Crossing Project, which was deemed worthy of the award; It is located on the part of the Taksim - Yenikapı metro line connecting Şişhane Station to the Golden Horn Metro Pass Bridge. The prize dealt with the historical Genoese Wall and the metro relationship. According to the first projects, the work that should be done with the open-close method was turned into a private transition project in order to protect the Historic Sur in place.
In the area where the tunnel intersected with the Historic Wall, the restoration of the Wall was carried out with the views of the scientific board and the Historic Wall was supported with steel support systems. Again, thanks to the steel supports, the historical Sur was held in the air and the tunnel was made from gold. Historical Sur was found to have no foundation in the research excavations and thus the foundation was gained.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality European Side Rail System Directorate, which received the award in the category of "Environmental Initiative of the Year" at the ceremony held in London, the capital of England, also in the "Tunneling Client of the Year" category by the international jury. was nominated in the world and ranked second in the world as "highly commended".

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