IETT Bus from Kartal Metro

Ips Bus from Kartal Metro: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made changes on the route of bus number 200 which runs between Kocaeli and Istanbul.
The route of the 200 line between Kartepe-Derbent and Istanbul Maltepe was changed. The route of the 05.30 bus departing from Derbent at 200 was extended to Maşukiye. Bus 200 will now be removed from Istanbul at the Kartal Metro İETT. The morning bus from Derbent will go to Mashukiye. Buses will return to Istanbul direction, will continue on its way.
Cevizli In order to prevent the interruption of bus traffic between the bridge and Maltepe Park AVM, the line of 200, which runs the İzmit-Kartal route, will be lifted from Kartal Metro İETT platforms instead of the platforms located next to Maltepe Park AVM. Line 15 Eagle will depart from Metro 200.
In order not to be the victims of the courthouse and Kartal State Hospital, the line 200 buses coming from Izmit stopped at Kartal Metro stop. Cevizli Returning from the bridge, the last stop of the bus and the first point of departure, Kartal Metro will enter the IETT platforms.
15 The 21.30 expedition will be canceled in the direction of İzmit Bus Station -Kartal Metro from January to January. The last time from İzmit to Kartal will continue as 22.00. Kartal Metro-Izmit Bus Terminal will be canceled in the last flight towards 00.30. The last time from Kartal to Izmit will continue as 00.00.
Buses move from Derbent to 05.30 and from Eagle to 06.30. 200 is scheduled to take place between Izmit and Kartal on the 70 bus. Buses depart from Izmit Bus Terminal at 22.00 last night and at 00.00 from Kartal. Citizens who will use this line must have Kentkart, which is an Electronic Toll Collection System in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.



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