Cable car defense in Bursa

Cableway defense in Bursa: Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. Burhan Özgümüş, General Manager, made a statement about the long queues in the cable car last weekend.

Özgümüş, yavaş When the speed of the wind at the weekend reached the safety limit, we slowed the system to avoid causing the visitors to suffer. This caused long queues. Bu

Burhan Özgümüş made a statement on media reports about the intensity of the weekend and said that thousands of visitors coming to Uludağ from the city center and outside the city increased the demand for the ropeway. Özgümüş, according to information received from the national parks, the end of the weekend Uludag 30 thousand people, the maximum daily carrying capacity of the cable car is 12 thousand people, he said.

The speed of the hour on the teleferikin 80 km in the windy weather system, indicating that they are not running Özgümüş, '' the speed of the wind reached last week. However, the speed of the system has been reduced from 6 m / s to 3 m / s for the safety of the passengers and the plant due to excessive wind in order not to make our visitors suffer. Due to the slow rotation of the lift, the evacuation of the people took up to 21: 00. The queue is progressing even more slowly when there is intensification. At such times, the carrying capacity becomes one thousand 200 per hour. This is the reason for the confluence and extended queues at the weekend ih.