Arriving to the organizer tram

Organized tram is coming: President of Konya Chamber of Commerce Selcuk Ozturk made special statements to our newspaper. Öztürk stated that important works were carried out on the tramway which carries Ankara's industrial load on the industrial load of the city. Alar Metropolitan Municipality completed its feasibility,
President of Konya Chamber of Commerce Selçuk Öztürk, the editor-in-chief of our newspaper Sami Gediz'e made special statements. Konya is a beautiful exit catches and 2023 targets quickly voicing Ozturk, Konya's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu with the beginning of the bird of fortune, he said.
Stating that it is a great chance for the Prime Minister to be from our city, Öztürk said, “I would like to consider as a citizen, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu became the prime minister. Apart from the context of Davutoğlu being from Konya and my being from Konya, I think he is the best Prime Minister possible in this process and I believe he is at the right point at the right time.
Of course, as Konyalı, the fact that our dear prime minister is from Konya gives us both happiness, pride and responsibility. Happiness is a source of pride, but I think it gives extra responsibility to all people from Konya and at the same time I believe that we should act responsibly. Before our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu became prime minister, very important services had begun to Konya. It accelerated Konya's investments. If we evaluate it in this sense, new investments started. Of course, the power of the people of Konya in Ankara has increased. If you follow along with it, the share of Konya's public investments has risen every year and finished in the 2013th place towards the end of 8. In 2013 we became one of the most investment areas in 8 provinces in Turkey. Before Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu ministry, our city was in the 15s. As can be seen here, even when our prime minister was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was already providing very important services to Konya. Of course, his being prime minister made things easier. Konya-Karaman has trained himself very well in the transportation problem, which is the most important problem of the Central Anatolia Region, and has been the Minister of Transport of Mr. Lütfi Elvan, who has fulfilled his duty as a minister, and has caused the acceleration of investments in transportation in both Konya and Karaman regions. I can say that this is a great advantage for Konya and for Karaman.
Stating that important foreign investors started to come to Konya, Öztürk said, “Every year foreign investors have been coming to our city only for the consumption sector and as a company purchase until now. 3-4 years ago, a foreign investor came directly for investment purposes. Now the same firm is making a second investment and after that firm made its second investment in Konya, 4-5 more companies had to come to Konya for investment. 2-3 of them became foreigners. I see that the interest of foreign investors investing in Konya and Turkish investors outside of Konya has increased. After that, it will continue to increase. " said
Speaking about the rail transportation project, which is thought on Ankara Road and aims to facilitate the access to organized industries, Öztürk said, “Ankara road is a region where all Organized Industries are located. Of course, we said that Konya is developing, maybe thousands of workers visit this region daily. Generally, the service is used or there are different private vehicles. Many interviews were held on this subject, many studies were conducted. We know that the Metropolitan Municipality is doing very serious activities right now. There are two important issues here, one is the use of rail transportation in the current urban traffic, and the second is the construction of a second line that will go to the Organized Industry where the industrial areas we call the right side of the Ankara road are very busy. Of course, I think the Metropolitan Municipality will provide healthy information on this subject. We have discussed this issue many times. I know that feasibility studies are at the stage of completion. The subject of this route in transportation planning will become clearer in the coming days ”.


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