120 thousand passengers will be transported by a tram system in Gaziantep

With the two-tram system in Gaziantep, 120 thousand passengers will be transported per day: Gaziantep's transport master plan to explain the work to be done in the city in accordance with the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, 2105 bridge in the year of the crossroads will be done more, he said.
Emphasizing that these bridges will be constructed in Naci Topçuoğlu Boulevard, Beykent TOKİ / Araban road, Erdem College, Dedeman and Şehirgösteren neighborhood, Karataş-Ring Road connection, Beykent TOKİ exit, Tugay Junction expansion (D400) D400) Bush road link, TED College-Ring road connection, Yamaçtepe-Peripheral road connection and improvement work will be done in the connection said.
Show that the current roundabout at the intersection of the junction will be removed and Nizip Street, which will be removed from the Hawk, so that the waiting time at the junction will be reduced. Emphasizing the left turns in the area of ​​the Armed Force geometric arrangement project instead of removing President Sahin, the existing 6 288 car park in addition to the existing 760 capacity parking will be reported.
Explaining that they have produced a number of projects to minimize transportation problems, Şahin said that some improvements will be made in the light rail system. Transferring the light rail system 65 thousand passengers a day, Sahin, this number is small and the number of passengers 120 thousand said they aimed to remove. Stating that the stops will be extended to the dual tram system President Fatma Sahin, the number of voyages will be reduced, so that the frequency of crossing the intersection of land traffic to relax, he said.
15. Mobile Kart27 yolcu, which will be used in transportation since February, stated that they will start a new application, uygulam With this application, a passenger can find out at which stop which bus will pass by mobile phone. They will be able to find out which direction they are going and how they will be able to use bus stops accordingly Hangi.
Public transportation to stop the call of citizens and long wait to end the 'Mobile Kart27' application will point to the Sahin, hereby said that the end of the stop at the stations said. Sahin, citizens who want to ride on public transport, mobile phones can reach many information by emphasizing.

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